Forever Sheer Powder by Flawless

It's been so humid lately because of it's been so sunny and then sometimes it rains, the weather's just crazy! So usually, I would just wear powder foundation or BB cream or sometimes just sheer powder. And my newest favorite sheer powder is Forever Sheer Powder.

A refreshing wispy loose powder for the face and body to brighten the skin. Contains the aroma of Bearberry to give you a silky, captivating appeal. Carries whispers of the Forever scent.

I wear this on top of my day cream or my BB cream and I've also tried using this to set my liquid foundation and it's perfect! Since I also set my concealer with loose powder, this is what I have been using lately. It's just so light on the skin oh and it smells so heavenly! I really like the Forever scent and the sheer powder carries this scent.

Here's a photo of me wearing just the Forever Sheer Powder over sunblock. :)

I would recommend this if you just want a sheer coverage powder and if you don't have a whole lot of blemishes, scars or discoloration to cover. :) If you're also looking for a powder to use to set your concealer, this is also a good product to try as it doesn't change and alter the color of your concealer. Plus it's only P250.00. You can purchase this at any branch of Flawless.


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

Disclaimer: Product given by the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.