Colour Collection with Bianca Valerio

Colour Collection is Tupperware Brands' premier cosmetic line. It has been known for its amazing quality makeup with their extensive, rich makeup colors and skin caring properties. They've been in the industry for a long time but I have to admit, it was just recently that I discovered about the brand.

I was invited to an intimate lunch with their Chief Makeup Artist, Ms. Bianca Valerio. It was held at Cafe 1771, El Pueblo. We were joined by other beauty bloggers, some people from the press and also the Colour Collection team.

The first thing I thought of when I saw her was she looks like Snow White! She is a living doll! She looks so gorgeous!

If you don't know who Bianca is, she is one of the top models in the Philippines, host of the fashion TV show FASH (Fashion and Style Hub). Aside from this, she is also a published author and her book is still out in the market, Face to Face.

Bianca Valerio also shares some of her kikay must haves and why she chooses Colour Collection makeup. She says that she is very hands on with her line and Colour Collection really involves her. So she is very much aware and she truly uses what's included in her line.

They also discussed the concept behind their University Tours. When I learned about it, all I could think of was how I wish there was such a thing back when I was in college. The university tours are conceptualized to spread confidence among dun, young college girls. 

We were let inside the bus and it's a makeup haven inside! Wooow! There were makeup booths and loads and loads of makeup! All of us gushed, squealed and said that we all want a bus like this!

It was actually my first time to see most if not all of the products of Colour Collection. And it was just an awesome time getting to know and chitchatting with Bianca.

I have never met someone as nice as her! She is not only beautiful outside, but she really talked to each one of us, sharing stories, kikay tips, and laughing the whole time! Did you know that she trained ang got professional license at the famous Makeup Designory in Los Angeles? Talk about mad skills! No wonder she was chosen to be the Chief Makeup Artist for Colour Collection.

After the bus tour, it was time for more photos:

 Meg Magazine Team

Liz, Bianca, Martha, Julia, Me & Joanne 

Beauty Bloggers

 Makeup Artists for the Colour Collection University Tour

 Of course I just had to take a photo with Snow White, Bianca Valerio

Liz, Bianca and I

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