Yahoo Yabu!

I love discovering new restaurants, whether they be fine dining, casual dining or even fast food. My husband and I both enjoy eating and being a foodie that I am, I am always on the look out for new and interesting restaurants and food.
One of the restaurants I recently chanced upon is Yabu. I have been hearing so many reviews and good stuff from Twitter. I have already eaten twice and I have to say that both times, I’m very much satisfied.
We ordered some appetizers, seaweeds and potato salad.

My friends and husband enjoyed the seaweed. It’s a little sweetened. I am not a big fan of seaweeds but I tasted this and it was okay. The potato salad was my order. I have to say that I like World Chicken’s potato salad better.

Rosu Katsu Set
We ordered their famous katsu set. We chose pork (although I have already eaten chicken as well) The meat is so friggin tender! Haha! So juicy and one set is so filling! I also am so in love with their rice! It tasted sooo good! It’s crunchy outside but tender inside! I loved the chicken katsu more though. But both have the same side dishes. 
Now in Yabu, you get to make your own sauce! They gave us sesame seeds to grind and we can add the sauce afterwards.

After grinding the sesame, slowly add the sauce and mix them together to taste HEAVEN! :p

We also ordered Chicken Katsudon set.

Chicken Katsudon
It’s donburi, meaning the rice is under the katsudon. The main difference of this and the katsu is that this has egg on top. This also tasted heavenly! The same rice that I love so much and the meat was just so tender!
Both sets were served with miso  soup, japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage, and fruits. I know the photos don’t do justice. It just means that you have to try it yourself. :p

Now here’s another reason to go to SM Megamall Atrium! 🙂 It has a casual modern ambiance so it’s not very intimidating. It’s great for date days, family days or just hanging out with your friends. I would definitely suggest for you to be early if you want to dine there for dinner during weekends.
Now I know why they say Yabu, House of Katsu! They have the best katsu’s in the Metro!

3 out of 3 Schnauzers