Glambox Airbrush System

I guess you may already have guessed what this blog is going to be! It's all about Airbrush Makeup, specifically using the Glambox Airbrush System! :)

I was sent the system to use and it's honestly a great system to have especially for makeup artists. Airbrush basically means that makeup is being sprayed to the skin instead of using a brush or sponge. This means no lines or streaks, just flawless smooth coverage.

Airbrush makeup is already being used by celebrities in movies, theater, tv and even in runway. But nowadays, you can find personal airbrush systems, like GlamBox Airbrush.

The kit comes with these tools aside from the products (i.e foundation, blush, etc.):

Airbrush Gun (w/ accessories)
Gun holder
Carrying Case

What makes GlamBox Airbrush different is how compact and light weight it is. I actually haven't seen other systems as small as GlamBox. It's so convenient to bring and so easy to use. Regular makeup can settle in the pores and foundation streaks may be visible, but with airbrush makeup, it only gives a natural looking coverage to the skin. 

There are 3 modes. It's recommended to use Medium for face makeup and High for body makeup. I don't really put foundation on the body except if my client needs some coverage or to give her a nice glow or tan. This is perfect for it as it would give a natural looking finish.

The secret is in the gun!

Like what I mentioned in the video, pull the lever half way so it's easier to control the product that comes out. The pen type gun is also light weight by the way! Hooray! :)

I made a demo on how to use the system to apply foundation, contour, blush and highlight:

Here are some photos to show you the result. I actually received a lot of "oohs and ahhs" with this look. When I went to the grocery, a gay guy actually commented how flawless my skin looked. I was giggling inside, thinking it's just airbrush makeup. Haha! :)

This is one of the most requested techniques and makeup by brides because of how natural it looks on the skin. Don't I look like a happy and blooming bride? Haha!

GlamBox has different packages for personal and professional use. You can visit their website at for more details on the packages. And don't worry, expect more tutorials using the GlamBox Airbrush System. :)