Flawless Warts Out

Time for another beauty treatment at Flawless! This was actually the same day as my Nano Powerpeel treatment. I wanted to try out Warts Out for the neck. I knew I had so many warts on my neck so when I was given a choice, I knew I wanted to get rid of my warts. :)


Again before anything else, they had me sign a consent form.

They put anesthesia on the warts and covered it with scotch tape so to seal the anesthesia and for it to be more absorbed by the skin. We had to wait for 45 minutes to 1 hour so we continued with my Nano Powerpeel while waiting.


Yes I have a lot. :(

Then it was time to burn the warts. When they brought out the tool, it looked a little scary at first because they explained that it's connected to electricity and it will zap all my warts.

The procedure was done by the doctor and she slowly started pulling the tape and started zapping. The sound was honestly scarier that the process. I would here "zzz" everytime a wart will burn.

To be honest, it wasn't that painful. Most of the time I didn't feel anything. There were just a few areas that hurt. I think those were the ones that were in sensitive places. It felt like I was being stabbed on those areas but see, since it's only like a second or two per wart, it still wasn't THAT painful.


The zapping of warts took just a few minutes, I think 10-15 minutes. The long part was the waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. I was told to apply the Post Cautery Cream two to three times a day which will help tolerate the itchiness and it's also an anti-inflammatory cream. Of course to try and not expose myself in the sun. I also wasn't supposed to wet the area for at least 24 hours.

So here I was after the treatment:

2011-10-10 19.16.11 
My neck turned red after just a few minutes.

I had to go to the store after and I remember my husband asking me if I was okay to still go. (I still haven't looked at a mirror and have not seen my neck yet.) I said yes so we did. And when I went to the restroom and saw my neck, woah!

This was about an hour after the treatment.

When I got home which was two hours after the treatment, my hubby took the photos:

Red pepper like dots :p

I thought that it's better to show you photos because it's easier to show you the changes and results from the Warts Out treatment.

1 Day After the Treatment

A day after the treatment, the warts looked a whole lot scarier! They started getting darker. :o Of course I continued putting the post cautery cream and I also applied sunblock on my neck.



They said that they will heal after a week, but here's how my neck looks like after 7 days:

1 Week After

I didn't get worried that much because H said that in his observation, my skin is really sensitive and I easily get scabs. They were already healing and falling off but there were still a lot. After about 10 days, I noticed that my neck started getting clearer.

And the final result came after 2 weeks (15 days):

All Cleared Up! :)

I have to say- I had to be really patient because I only saw the results after 2 weeks. However, seeing my neck that's already cleared up- it's totally worth the wait! I would obviously recommend this treatment to those who need it. But again like what I said in the video, you have to have it checked once a year because it's contagious and you can still get it.

I'm so glad my neck's so clear. I feel so much sexier wearing low necklines! Hehe! :)

Disclaimer: Service given by company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.