Celebrate Life in Picture Books!

This is a very late post I know but I was invited to the Picture Books event a couple of weeks and I was quite giddy to go. I already know about Picture Books because I see their kiosks in malls. I love the fact that we can keep all memories in a picture perfect photo book.

PictureBooks is a company that believes that precious photos of your life’s milestones deserve to be in a picture-perfect photo book — a keepsake made with love and care by people who are passionate about making books. As you hold and leaf through your finely-crafted PictureBook, you’ll relive those beautiful memories clearly, vividly and with fondness. Indeed, there’s no greater feeling than seeing your life in PictureBooks.

The host was Lexi Schulze and she really made sure that people would listen and not fall asleep. The event was held during lunch time so some people were ready to take their power nap. Haha! I went to the event with S3. 

All the speakers, from Picture Books and HP, explained to us the difference in terms of quality of Picture Books. They are powered by CentralBooks, the country’s biggest digital book printer. They have the best quality at the best price, even compared to printers abroad.
Did you know that every book now includes 30 pages of photos? Extra page is just a minimal amount. And they also offer free shipping nationwide. 
There were also some celebrities and special guests and Picture Books handed them their own album. Some were for their portfolio for their work, some were personal drawings, and also personal photos with their loved ones.

Honestly, what really amazes me is that they keep all our files in their database- as in they save our files forever! So if you need to reprint a certain picture book, you can! How great is that? No need to reedit and redesign your picture books. 
Also, they don’t only have an online presence but they have physical outlets as well. But if you decide to do it conveniently at home, you can. You may use the Picture Books Publisher, which is their software. It can be downloaded for free. You can add photos, text and create layouts. And once you’re done you can choose whether to send it to them online, pay online or offline and they ship the book to you within 7 days. 

We were given a voucher for 1 Picture Book and I honestly am so excited to have some photos printed. Now I just need to find time to choose photos. Haha! 🙂
with Kyla
She had photos of her and Rich printed in her Picture Book.
Thank you for the invite Ms. Gwen!

Outfit of the Day:
Top: Gift from my mum
Cardigan: Details
Jeans: Freego
Shoes: Naturalizer
Bag: Longchamp
Accessories: Earrings from ShopSui

After the event, Say and I decided to get some refreshments at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

It was extremely hot so I decided to get a cold drink. It was also timely because Say wanted to vlog and CBTL wasn’t that crowded.

After much chikahans, I had to go to SM Megamall. I was going to meet with Isa of Flawless. This was the same day when I went to dine in Bubble Tea the first time with Isa. S3 decided to come with me to Megamall and take a cab from there, so we took our last photo in the car.
Until now I still haven’t decided what photos to have printed. Haha! It’s so hard to choose. I’m thinking of choosing our prenuptial photos but H says he wants our normal photos. Haha! Maybe this means 2 picture books? :p We’ll find out. 🙂