Bubble Tea

Hey everyone! How's your day so far? Can I just share that I have been obsessing over Bubble Tea ever since I first ate there. It's a Japanese casual resto that offers milk teas as well. I have only dined once but I cannot get over it and I really want to eat there again.

 Taro Milk Tea

I am not a big fan of milk teas just because I thought they all tasted the same. But I really liked the sago of this milk tea. Glad that they also served their drinks in huge glasses. :) The server said that this is one of the best sellers and I understand why, it's yummy!

 California Maki

Their California Maki was normal. There wasn't anything special. It was good but I felt like it was just the same as other California Makis. Of course I'd rather eat the special makis of Omakase.


Isa ordered this and I was able to taste it. I don't think I'll order this again. It's okay, not as eefy as I thought it would taste like. I was a bit scared at first but apparently it tasted okay. It's very soft and mushy. But I guess it's just not something that I like.

Now I know I forgot what this is called. BUT this is the reason why I want to go back. It's soooo good. And one order of this (one bowl) is perfect for me. It's actually very filling. I can't even begin to describe this dish. It's very saucey, and the egg makes it thicker. The beef's a little bit salty and sweet. There's also some noodles on top of the rice. It's just amazing!!! 

There's a photo on their menu of this dish so you'll definitely see the name of the dish. I can't believe I forgot the name. This just means one thing- I must go back! Haha!

Thank you so much to Isa of Flawless for introducing me to Bubble Tea. :)

Isa & I