Voice of McDonald's Makeup Gig

I love doing makeup and everything about it. Honestly, it surprises me that I ended up loving it because I could still remeber my highschool days when I would just wear lip balm and concealer and that's it. I would put on makeup every now and then, using my mom's stash but never really took a minute to appreciate it. I think I've already mentioned this before, but I just started taking good care of my skin and fell in love with makeup during college.

One of my most recent project was for the Voice of McDo winners. I rarely blog about my projects/gigs, rather I just post the final output. But thanks to my friend Say, who I got as the hairstylist that day, we were able to take behind the scene photos and lots and lots of camwhore moments.

 Makeup Artist | Hair Stylist
of the day

I was surprised when I learned that my clients were actually the Grand Prize winner and 1st Runner Up for the Voice of McDonald's Global Competition. It's similar to American Idol, but the contestants are from all over the world. Imagine there were almost 100 countries who joined and of course, Philippines bagged the top prizes!

The first lady I made up was Mary Margaret Yu-Martin. She's the 1st Runner Up for VOM Season 2. She received around half a million pesos for winning amongst other things. WOW *Kaching kaching* :) She is super sweet and machika (talkative) just like me. Had a great time talking with her!

 (Photo from Margaret Yu-Martin)

I chose to give her a classic smokey eye and give her a playful pink lip color. And once Say finished with her hair, she turned into this Beyonce looking diva! It definitely suits her skin tone.

 (Photo from Margaret Yu-Martin)

(Photo from Margaret Yu-Martin)

The next client was Chenee Capuyan. She's the Grand Winner for VOM Season 3 which happened last year. Well, she received more than a million pesos and free trips too. She's super talented and I got chills when she gave us a short sample.

For her look, I wanted to channel Kim Kardashian. Say worked on her hair first and it was no doubt, this girl knew how to strut. I worked with browns, bronze and black for her shadows. I was planning to change her lip color and make it nude but with her pouty lips, I knew she could rock the bold to bold makeup. She kept the red lipstick and she worked it!

We worked on them before lunch for their interview with Rated K, a Sunday show here in the Philippines.

And while they were being interviewed, it was time for Say and I to camwhore a little or maybe a lot. :p

 LuLu Girls represent!

After lunch, Say had to leave for school because she still has class. We wanted to take some more photos before she leaves.

While waiting, I was able to chitchat with the girls in their hotel room. I learned that they were so down to earth, learning about their background. They truly deserve to win. Honestly, I feel so proud when I see Filipinos succeeding. Like what Margaret and I said, basta sa arts, Pilipino talaga ang nangunguna.

I started retouching their makeup around 4:30pm, and I was given three more heads to do. I had to work really fast because two of them were in charge of the event and had to run to meetings right away. I was given 10-15 minutes tops! I honestly am not comfortable with that time frame, then again the show must go on. :p I wasn't even able to take photos of them anymore. :/ Fail.

The last boss that I worked on gave me more time. In fact we were making chika during her makeup session. She's no oher than the HR Director of McDonald's PhilippinesMs. Beck Roselada.

In the end, I was also able to take photos of them before they went to the event. Margaret and Chenee were set to perform that evening for the 30th Anniversary of McDonald's.

It was indeed a very tiring day. Paid P115 for my parking. But spending time with really really nice people just makes my job easier. And when I saw them loving their looks and taking lots of photos of themselves, it encourages me to learn and do more. Oh god, I love my job. :)

*Some photos unmarked are owned by Say Artillero and Margaret Yu-Martin.