Flawless Nano Powerpeel

As you all know, I am a supporter of Flawless, mainly because I love their affordable services. I go to Flawless for my regular facials and I also purchased their Lifetime Laser Hair Removal package.

Recently I was able to try their famous Nano Powerpeel. It was part of National Flawless Day Week 1 promo. It was very timely because I needed to get a facial- badly.

I went to SM Megamall branch because that's where I normally go to and it's the largest branch of Flawless.

The products:

After waiting for about 15 minutes, I was led to the facial area.

Before the procedure started, I was asked to sign a waiver. They usually ask for your consent for treatments that are more intense. So if you're going for a facial, I think you there's no waiver anymore.

Excited! ;p

The procedure started with a classic facial. They cleanse the face with a cleansing foam and steam it for a few minutes before the pricking starts. After closing the pores with laser, it was time for my nano peel.

 Result of the classic facial

The machine used looked like a vaccum for the face. It has crystals and aluminum oxide. The crystals are corundum crystals which are very very fine so the pain would be tolerable. It gives a micro peel, exfoliate the skin and whiten it. It also removes dry skin and helps control oiliness.

The pain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did feel scratching though and there were times I would make it stop a bit. But overall, I was able to push through it. Haha!

I was told not to expose my skin to the sun and wear sunblock. I also cannot wet my face for 4 hours but decided to not wet it the whole night.

Right after the peel, I thought that my face would start peeling and turn red. Surprisingly I did not peel! Even the day after, no peeling at all. There were a few red areas here and there but they said it's because of the facial (pricking) and not the power peel.

When I touched my skin, I can already feel the difference. I already felt that my skin was very smooth and soft.

 Photo right after my treatments from Flawless
(Ignore the red neck. I'll talk about it on another post.) ;)

Here are photos the day after my power peel. I have to say this was the perfect time for me to judge the result of the powerpeel.

My skin was glowing. It's definitely more radiant looking. :) i would have to say it made my skin just a tad lighter, but not really whiter. I think the lightening effect is because of the dry dead skin that was removed by the power peel.

I am very satisfied and I highly recommend this procedure. As I'm typing this, it's already been a week but my skin is still as good and as nice just like the day after the procedure. :)

I'll post more photos next time, I'll incorporate the 2 procedures I had in one post to show you how I look a day after. :)

You can avail of this service at any branch of Flawless. I'm sure you will be as satisfied as I am. ;)

Disclaimer: Service given by company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.


  1. i never tried flawless before but im wanting to try their diamond peel or nano power peel, pimple marks are all over my face now, and it's so embarrassing. What do you think will be much better?

  2. Hi, well i unfortunately haven't tried diamond peel yet but as far as i know they're pretty much the same. i highly recommend nano powerpeel. In fact I just went in and got another session this week and my face is even more glowing now. :)