Crest White Strips

So I have been contemplating if I should go ahead and post my Crest experience. I decided to go ahead and do so because I figured, I actually learned about Crest White Strips and decided to purchase because of so many reviews I read in different blogs. So here is my story.

I have always wanted to buy Crest White Strips because there were so many good reviews and knowing that I do not have the perfect set of teeth, whitening it sounds good to me. I never really got to buy them because 1. They weren’t cheap at all! 2. It’s not readily available in the department store or grocery, even in personal care stores. 3. I always ended up thinking I didn’t really need one. So my quest for a whiter teeth stopped for a long time.

Until I went to the dentist and updated my whole teeth/dental hygiene. There were so many improvements and updates that I did which included regularly using mouthwash. (I only use mouthwash when I feel like it. But take note that I always brush and floss.) I decided since I was already trying to make my teeth better, why not give Crest a try? And so I went to the internet and googled my way to buying a 14 day program/set.

Crest White Strips Supreme
P1,100 for 14 days

I got the Supreme one which is stronger than the classic strips. I thought maybe it would work faster and I’d see the results earlier than usual.

It’s quite easy to use actually. But before trying it out, of course I read lots of tips and advices on how to use it. Basically one pouch has 2 strips. One for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth. The strips has a net texture. And it’s quite sticky.

At first, I had a hard time placing the strips perfectly on my teeth. Working fast is really important as it slides off really easily and it becomes tacky fast too.

Here’s a photo of my teeth before using Crest White Strips.

It’s kinda yellowish.

I tried to take photos of my progress to see if it does make a difference. They say that you can choose to use it everyday or every other day depending on your teeth sensitivity. I have sensitive teeth, sensitive enough that I have a hard time drinking iced drinks without a straw, or even just cold drinks. I used to use Sensodine as well because it really did help my teeth sensitivity.

Looks a little lighter.

I didn’t feel any sensitivity at this point so I decided to use it everyday. I also leave the strips on for 30 minutes to an hour and I try not to talk too much. Oh by the way, I brush my teeth after using the strips.

Same as Day 2.

I read somewhere that you can actually see a difference after three days. Well based on the photos above, Day 2 and Day 3’s the same. But my teeth did improve compared to Day 1. Also, you can see a little bleaching on my gums. I read that there’s nothing to worry about as it will return to its natural color. ;)

Any change?

Day 5 and 6 I started feeling the sting. While the strips were on my teeth, I felt a little sting a few times. I thought that maybe it was the teeth sensitivity. So I  decided to skip a day because I cannot risk having sensitive teeth.

Brighter teeth!

I was so excited to complete the 7 day program because you can actually buy Crest White Strips that’s just for 7 days. My family actually noticed and told me that my teeth got whiter. Of course it was what I was hoping for and I was just so happy and couldn’t wait to see the final results!

DAY 14
Last Day – Noticeably whiter! :D

Alas the day has come! I was ecstatic to finish the program. And honestly, I actually don’t see a difference when I look in the mirror, maybe because it’s really a gradual change. So seeing the results in pictures just reassures me of what I have been hoping and praying for!

See the difference for yourself:


So do I recommend Crest White Strips? Yes I do. I actually would recommend you to try the 14 day program especially if you have the extra money to shell out. :) I haven’t tried the  other variants yet so I can’t compare them and say that Supreme is the best. But again, the seller told me that this is the strongest Crest White Strip variant. :)

So since then, I have just been more confident. And I actually started loving red lipsticks again. I mentioned this in my other blog post, I used to not wear red lipstick because I felt that it shows my yellowish teeth. So now, I feel like I can wear anything and pull it off! :) Yey for a brighter smile!!! :)


  1. wow... I need this. Dental whitening procedure is definitely more expensive than this! Can you give me a link as to where you bought these? I have yellow teeth and it's awkward for me to wear red lipsticks too! Thank you for sharing this, Char.

    BTW, I posted the prizes I received from your giveaway! ^__^

  2. I actually forgot the link, but I got it the contact detail from Sulit I think. :) Sorry, I didn't realize I forgot to write it down.

    Oh thank you so much! I do hope you and your mom would enjoy the goodies! I love the lotion!!!!

    1. Hi ms char! It's made out of gel right? I saw this one earlier at (, and I think they do delivery here in the Philippines. I really want to have this because my teeth looks like a bunch of corn (Yellow corn to be exact haha!). Ano pong pakiramdam nito sa bibig? sticky or parang menthol? Thank you sis!

    2. Hi, yes it's gel. It's not that sticky naman, pero since it's gel you can definitely feel it. If I remember correctly (because this was years ago), there was no menthol feeling/taste.

  3. aww...i want this strips too... much?

  4. where did you buy your strips 14day program/set? been googling lately but i only found a set thats good for only 10 days.

  5. I forgot where exactly I got it, coz I wasn't able to write down the link. But I just searched for it.

  6. do you still have their contact numbers? I badly need this.

  7. Ms. Char, i just wanted to ask where did you buy the strips? I want to give it a try too. Hope you'll respond :) Thanks