Crest White Strips

So I have been contemplating if I should go ahead and post my Crest experience. I decided to go ahead and do so because I figured, I actually learned about Crest White Strips and decided to purchase because of so many reviews I read in different blogs. So here is my story.

I have always wanted to buy Crest White Strips because there were so many good reviews and knowing that I do not have the perfect set of teeth, whitening it sounds good to me. I never really got to buy them because 1. They weren’t cheap at all! 2. It’s not readily available in the department store or grocery, even in personal care stores. 3. I always ended up thinking I didn’t really need one. So my quest for a whiter teeth stopped for a long time.

Until I went to the dentist and updated my whole teeth/dental hygiene. There were so many improvements and updates that I did which included regularly using mouthwash. (I only use mouthwash when I feel like it. But take note that I always brush and floss.) I decided since I was already trying to make my teeth better, why not give Crest a try? And so I went to the internet and googled my way to buying a 14 day program/set.

Crest White Strips Supreme
P1,100 for 14 days

I got the Supreme one which is stronger than the classic strips. I thought maybe it would work faster and I’d see the results earlier than usual.

It’s quite easy to use actually. But before trying it out, of course I read lots of tips and advices on how to use it. Basically one pouch has 2 strips. One for the upper teeth and one for the lower teeth. The strips has a net texture. And it’s quite sticky.

At first, I had a hard time placing the strips perfectly on my teeth. Working fast is really important as it slides off really easily and it becomes tacky fast too.

Here’s a photo of my teeth before using Crest White Strips.

It’s kinda yellowish.

I tried to take photos of my progress to see if it does make a difference. They say that you can choose to use it everyday or every other day depending on your teeth sensitivity. I have sensitive teeth, sensitive enough that I have a hard time drinking iced drinks without a straw, or even just cold drinks. I used to use Sensodine as well because it really did help my teeth sensitivity.

Looks a little lighter.

I didn’t feel any sensitivity at this point so I decided to use it everyday. I also leave the strips on for 30 minutes to an hour and I try not to talk too much. Oh by the way, I brush my teeth after using the strips.

Same as Day 2.

I read somewhere that you can actually see a difference after three days. Well based on the photos above, Day 2 and Day 3’s the same. But my teeth did improve compared to Day 1. Also, you can see a little bleaching on my gums. I read that there’s nothing to worry about as it will return to its natural color. ;)

Any change?

Day 5 and 6 I started feeling the sting. While the strips were on my teeth, I felt a little sting a few times. I thought that maybe it was the teeth sensitivity. So I  decided to skip a day because I cannot risk having sensitive teeth.

Brighter teeth!

I was so excited to complete the 7 day program because you can actually buy Crest White Strips that’s just for 7 days. My family actually noticed and told me that my teeth got whiter. Of course it was what I was hoping for and I was just so happy and couldn’t wait to see the final results!

DAY 14
Last Day – Noticeably whiter! :D

Alas the day has come! I was ecstatic to finish the program. And honestly, I actually don’t see a difference when I look in the mirror, maybe because it’s really a gradual change. So seeing the results in pictures just reassures me of what I have been hoping and praying for!

See the difference for yourself:


So do I recommend Crest White Strips? Yes I do. I actually would recommend you to try the 14 day program especially if you have the extra money to shell out. :) I haven’t tried the  other variants yet so I can’t compare them and say that Supreme is the best. But again, the seller told me that this is the strongest Crest White Strip variant. :)

So since then, I have just been more confident. And I actually started loving red lipsticks again. I mentioned this in my other blog post, I used to not wear red lipstick because I felt that it shows my yellowish teeth. So now, I feel like I can wear anything and pull it off! :) Yey for a brighter smile!!! :)