Passion & Ginzadon

Hi everyone! I have to tell you that I have been very busy with doing vlogs. It’s been quite a while since I blogged because I used my time making videos and editting. But I do hope you appreciate it. :) It’s hard coz our internet at home sucks so I have to go to the office to upload the videos. But I’m actually starting to like doing videos. :)

Anyways, for my blog post today, I wanted to share with you my dinner at Resorts World. It was actually my second time to go to RW and my first time to dine in Passion and Ginzadon.

My dad treated us to dinner at the fine restaurant named Passion. I was honestly not dressed for the occasion because it was such a spontaneous invitation I was already out of the house when he called.  So I was ecstatic to try it out.

 Steamed Shrimps P168.00/100g

I didn’t eat this dish because as you know, I’m allergic. But when I asked my hubby about it, he said that it’s very fresh. He also ate a lot of the shrimps so I guess it means it’s really good. ;)

Canadian Maki

We were also able to cross over and order from the Japanese restaurant, Ginzadon. Justine and I both love Japanese food so we jumped on the chance to order.

Yuuummmyy maki! It’s got cream cheese, salmon, mango and all good stuff. It’s really delicious, however, the price is quite steep. Unlike Omakase’s makis, they don’t offer special sauce, but Kikoman works as well.

California Maki

This one tastes normal. I wouldn’t buy this again because I think it’s pricey for the dish. It tastes the same as any other California Makis out there.

 Spinach Soup
P150.00 per cup

The soup was surprisingly good. :) Even though it’s spinach and vegetable, it was really delicious. We got a cup per person and all of us enjoyed it. Kinda reminds me of our Broccoli and Cheese soup on our wedding.

 Peking Duck

I have always loved Peking Duck wrap  and this was no exception. It was soooo good and I ate two and others just ate one. The perfect combination of the duck, the crispiness of the skin, the wrap and the hoisin sauce- heaven.

This was the second way of the duck. It was fried. My husband said that he liked it, but I personally did not. I tried one piece but I thought it was too oily and it got me dizzy. :( But my mum and hubby seemed to like it.

 Scallops with Asparagus (Small)

The scallops were so fresh, the asparagus and the vegetables crispy, cooked really well. They weren't soggy. I admit I'm not a vegetable eater but I enjoyed this dish because of the fresh ingredients used.

 Japanese Codfish – Gindara (Medium)

So delicious! Can I just say this dinner’s really one of my most favorite ones. Spending it with my family and eating amazing food. I really really like Gindara but it’s really expensive, so I don’t really get to eat it often. At first, when I saw it, I thought it didn’t look so appetizing but once I got to taste it, wow! It was indeed the Gindara I’ve always known.

 Wagyu Teppan

OMFG! This was my first time to taste Wagyu beef. It’s a very expensive dish, super. But since we were using free vouchers that my dad got, we were able to enjoy this dish. It’s soooo good. So creamy, so soft, so tasty. Everything all good. It’s honestly the most delicious meat I have ever tasted. And I know that I won’t ever be eating Wagyu anytime soon, so it’s really something that I will never ever forget. ;)

 New Port Sunset

A drink that my mum recommended to me. It’s like Four Seasons with mango, guava, orange and other fruits. It’s really good but I actually liked Mango Shake better. But I don’t regret ordering it since it’s my first time to try it. And I guess it's their specialty on-alcoholic drink.

The design of Passion is really cozy, family-oriented. It reminds me of Gloria Maris, maybe a fancier Gloria Maris perhaps. :)

That’s it for my food post. I honestly think it’s one of my most unforgettable dinners because of the company and the food. It’s always fun gathering with the loved ones, having good chats and a fantastic meal. I do wish to go back and dine here again. I'm sure I'd enjoy it as much as I did my first time.

Have you tried eating here? What were your orders? Share! :)