Johnson's Milk Bath

Happy day friends and readers! :) I'm so happy that I get to blog today even just a short entry. I wanted to talk about the little goodies that I got from the Johnson & Johnson's Event. I wasn't able to use them right away because I was testing a different product but I think now that I've been able to use it for a week, I'm now ready to share with you what I think about it.

I was a Johnson's baby and kid too. I grew up using Johnson & Johnson's products so when I learned that they were relaunching the line, I was really excited to try them out.

 Johnson's Baby Milk Bath
Johnson's Baby Powder
Johnson's Baby Milk Lotion

This would have to be my favorite among the three products. I use the Johnson's Milk Bath as my soap. When I use this, I do not use a bath soap anymore. For someone like me who's a soap user, it's a breath of fresh air to use something new. I would recommend to use a loofah when using this, I think it would lather better. I love that I feel immediately moisturized. It smells so good too. After rinsing, my skin is still moisturized. It's a little tricky thinking that I haven't rinsed off the product that much because I can still feel my soft and smooth skin even after showering.

This lotion I alternate with the lotions that I'm using at the moment. What I love about this is the smell. It smells sooo good, refreshing and powdery, and it makes me feel like I'm super clean. :) That lotion is really light too, the consistency I mean. It's definitely something that I would let my kids use.

The powder I actually haven't used yet, just because I don't really use powders that much. However I remember that when I was a kid, I used to use Johnson's Baby Powder. I would put it on my back especially during hot days. It would lessen the sticky and eeky feeling. The consistency is also very smooth and light, so it is refreshing to the skin.

How about you? Did you grow up with Johnson & Johnson's too? What's you story? :)

Disclaimer: Product sent by company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.