Sunrise Buckets

I was finally able to eat and try Sunrise Buckets in Madison Square, Greenhills. I’ve been hearing about this place and have wanted to try it for weeks now. And since we were near the area, H and I thought of going. It was around 3pm and we haven’t eaten yet so a bucket of wings sounded good!

I liked the interiors. It oozes summer, the beach, surfers.

I think that it’s a good hang out place for barkadas and big groups.

You can also get hand gloves so you can enjoy the wings easier without your hands getting dirty.

Now onto the food, we ordered a bucket of wings. I actually forgot what variants these are. I lost the receipt. :( But basically, it’s Sunrise Original and we asked it to be hot and the other one is barbeque flavor.

Now here’s the thing. We got the Wednesday promo and got about 20-24 pcs of wings. It was just H and I but we were extremely hungry so we thought that   we can finish it all. At first, it was okay. I found it yummy but after a few pieces, I felt “nauumay”. It was too oily and I couldn’t finish anymore. H says there’s too much seasoning. It left us thirsty the whole time even after eating. :(

Next is the bucket of French Fries. I liked this because it’s already flavored. We chose honey mustard as dip. I really really liked this coz I know it’s made from real potatoes. Unfortunately, I think because the wings were too oily, I couldn’t enjoy the fries anymore.

So yeah, we honestly didn’t enjoy the food. We forced ourselves  to finish the food. :( They were too oily and the chicken had too much seasoning. Maybe other people would like it and like this kind of food, but H and I didn’t enjoy it. Sorry.

Have you tried it here? How was your experience?