Bobbi Brown 10 Step Makeup Lesson

Finally able to find some time to post about my 10-step lesson with Bobbi Brown. It was at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter with their senior makeup artist, Bea Marcelo.

I was actually able to go to one of their workshops before and posted about it here. Anyways, since I’m going to do an article for Cozycot and I wanted to feature Bobbi Brown. So I was able to have my own personal demo. So let me share with you what the lesson taught me.

Step 1: Prime and moisturize the skin and the undereye area. Hydrate the skin with good skin care products to prep the face for the makeup.

Hydrating Eye Cream 15ml P2,200
Hydrating Gel Cream 50ml P2,550 
Hydrating Face Tonic P1,800

Step 2: After swatching and finding the correct color for me, we used a corrector and concealer to cover the undereye area. Using a good corrector neutralizes the dark circles and concealer lifts and brightens the eye.

Peach Corrector P1,300
Beige Concealer Kit P1,900

See the difference:
  left: nothing
right: + corrector and concealer

I must admit I am so impressed with the corrector. I usually just use a concealer, but after the makeup lesson, I am definitely realizing the importance of correctors.

Step 3: Apply foundation starting from the center of the face, the nose blending outwards and focusing on areas that need coverage.  I personally used the Natural Finish formula because I have combination skin and it’s actually recommended for oily and combination skin.

Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation in Beige 30ml P2,650
Step 4: After which, set the entire face with powder. This will make the makeup look smoother and more polished. Also set the concealer with powder too to avoid caking, use a pale yellow powder.

Loose Powder in Soft Sand 7.5g P2,100

Step 5: Add dimension to the face by using a bronzing powder. Start with the forehead, sides of the face, below the cheekbones and blend to the jawline. We also put dimension on my nose bridge to give an illusion of nicer nose. Haha! Then top it with a nice blush, add it to the cheekbones and blend it to the hairline.

   Bronzing Powder in Natural P1,850
Blush in Apricot with caseP1,350

Step 6: Put on some lipstick. Since Bobbi Brown is more on the natural look, we chose to use a natural looking pink-peach shade.

Lipstick (Semi-Matte lipcolor) P1,100
Combination of Salmon & Pale Pink 

Step 7: Fix the eyebrows. Bobbi Brown uses a grayish colored eyeshadow as eyebrow powder. Using a powder based makeup for the eyebrow makes it more natural looking. Bea said that to achieve a very natural effect, choose a shade closest to the haircolor. We chose a grayish shade because I have black hair.

Eyeshadow in Slate (with case) P1,100

Step 8: For the eyeshadow, we chose neutral shades because I was going to meet up with my friends that day. I knew that Bobbi Brown has amazing neutral palettes.

Bea told me that it’s good to use matte eyeshadows for those with small eyes or chinitas because matte shadows make the eyes seem bigger.

Step 9: Line the eyes. Lining makes the eyes bigger too. There’s so many different liners like pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner. I prefer using gel eyeliner and Bea used gel eyeliner on me too.

Eyeshadow in Bone (with case) for highlight P1,100
Eyeshadow in Tan (with case) P1,100
Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink P1,300

Step 10: Curl lashes and apply mascara. When I was younger and I don’t wear too much makeup, this is the only step I do to make me look more awake. And I am very obsessed with lashes. I love love long lashes! I guess Bea realized this so she combined two mascaras to lengthen and volumize my lashes.

Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara P1,400
Perfectly Defined Mascara (waterproof) P1,500

And after these easy 10 steps, here is my final look:

What do you guys think?

Learning more tips and tricks from other makeup artists is really great. I love learning new things about makeup and application. I would like to thank Ina for accommodating me and of course Bea for giving me a fabulous makeover!

And I want to thank my friend Eric for helping me too. He took all the shots from the makeover. Thanks Eric!

Hope this helps! :) Again, if you’re interested in having your own makeover, head over to Bobbi Brown. :)