Wedding Rings

One of the difficult things for H and I was to search for our wedding rings. It was a very difficult task because we didn't really know where to buy them. We've scouted in several jewelry shops  in the mall and we actually saw cheap ones. As low as P8,000 for a pair to about P25,000. We weren't really sold on the designs, and the rings were actually light. H was skeptic on the quality of the gold. We're not really familiar with golds, jewelries and things like that. So that made it even harder.

We also strolled along Binondo since a lot of people suggested and told us that it's where you'll find good jewelry and the price is not so bad. So we did, we reserved one whole day to stroll and check out different stores for our wedding rings but ended up with nothing. The rings that we liked were too expensive.

I eventually ended up looking at different designs in the net and asked H to do the same. We met someone who said he can make our rings, we just had to give him the designs. Actually, even looking and deciding on a design. I wasn't very particular. I'm a very simple person who don't really wear a lot of jewelries. I knew that I didn't want some big ring because I wouldn't be able to wear it everyday. I commute, I walk outside, and wearing a gigantic "hello-look-at-my-bling" ring is way over the top! I wanted something simple, something that would go well with my engagement ring because I wanted to wear them both- double rings. As for H, he's also very very simple. He didn't want any stud or diamond. He says he wants his ring to also be simple enough that he can still work while wearing the ring.

So eventually we decided on a design for H. And as for me, I have also decided on a plain band with three diamond studs. We had the designs in mind and we printed the photos to show to the jeweler; until one day, my MIL suggested her jeweler. She said that its best to go to your trusted jeweler because this way, you're more sure of the quality. Since we didn't know anyone else, we decided to go to my MIL's jeweler. Plus we didn't want to spend too much on our rings.

When we got to her house, she showed us several designs, options for wedding rings. As I was looking at the rings, I saw one that looked like the design that I had in mind, except instead of 3 diamonds, there was only 1. I liked it though. I realized it was already nice as it is. H, however, didn't see anything that he liked. So we showed the photo and the jeweler said that she can have it made. So alas we got our rings! :)

As for the price, like what I said we didn't want to spend too much on it. Maybe because we feel that we can use the money for some other more important stuff. That doesn't mean that we will choose cheap jewelry though. If we wanted very cheap jewelry, we should have bought a pair from before, but we didn't. I understand the value and the relevance of the wedding rings. After the wedding and after years and years of marriage, the weddings rings will symbolize that day, our wedding day, our commitment to each other. And that for me is priceless.

  1. Choose a jeweler you trust. Just like we did, I think this is the most important tip. Because there are a lot of fake jewelers and scammers nowadays.
  2. Choose a design you'd be comfortable with. Like what H said, he wants to wear his wedding ring most if not all the time, so design is very important in relation to your work. Choose a design that you can wear while you're working and your lifestyle too.
  3. Set a budget. Rings can be very cheap to super expensive. So finding the right balance and setting a budget can help in deciding which rings to choose.
  4. Have the rings engraved. I think most of the rings are engraved. But if not, go and have them engraved. These rings you will cherish your whole life. And you would want to see the name of your partner or something special to you in the insides of the ring.
  5. Fit the rings. If you don't want to fit them or you can't because you're having them customized or made, get your ring finger measured. This saves the hassle of having them resized over and over again.
  6. Keep them in a safe place before the wedding. There are a lot of lost and misplaced ring stories. And you wouldn't want that to happen on your wedding day! Have a trusted sibling or friend to hold on to it for you. Brides and grooms are usually already busy and overwhelmed during the wedding day, that you might forget about the wedding rings.
  7. Wear them proudly. :) I think the rings should always be worn even after years and years of marriage as it is a testament of your commitment and unconditional love for your partner. It's your prized possession and a symbol that should last a lifetime. :)