Chili’s - College Hang Out Place

Back when I was still a student and I was to meet up with friends for dinner, we would normally choose a place where we can talk with loud people around (yes this is quite ironic. But my friends and I have loud voices and to counter our voices we need people from other tables to be chatting as well so they don’t hear our stories. Hehe!), affordable and big serving meals. And one restaurant reigns supreme, it’s Chili’s.

So when my college friends Kat and Panch came home from Australia and U.S. respectively for the holidays, a reunion was inevitably set up by my super friend Eric.

Here are our orders, or at least the ones I was able to take photos of:

Buffalo Chicken Salad P450.00

This was my order. I loved it! The chicken was crunchy, the salad was fresh. It was yummy all over! Will order again!

Chicken Crispers P295.00

Our usual order. :) Chicken crispers is a must! I remember when I was still working at a multinational bank, my officemate and I would go to Chili’s and order one Chicken Crispers each! Haha! It’s basically same as Chicken Tenders with fries.
  Burger Bites P360.00

I wasn’t able to taste this. Haha! So I’m not really sure how it tastes like. Can’t give feedback on this. :p

Creamy Southwest Chicken P375.00

This, H ordered because he’s not really a big fan of American food and he needs his rice. H says it’s quite good, but it’s a bit dry. I tried it and thought that the meat was overcooked. I’m not sure if this is how it’s really cooked but I didn’t like it very much.

Eric Girls!

We used to call ourselves the Eric Girls. :)
    Now with Panch, the Superman!

What I love most about Chili’s is its laid back style. It’s very casual, with tvs. The ambiance is very “chill” as well as the crowd. The food is quite good. It’s the usual American food, fried, fries, big serving! So this is a restaurant I would suggest for a group of friends. I’m sure almost everyone has eaten here. I’m just sure of it! :p

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2.5 out of 3 Schnauzers