Loreal White Perfect Day Cream Update

Hi everyone! Beautiful Sunday to all. I can’t believe Christmas is fast approaching and I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. I’m quite broke and so I’m thinking of giving special effort-full gifts instead of really expensive ones. What those are you ask? I have no idea. Haha!

Well, it’s been almost a month now and I have been using my Loreal White Perfect Day Cream almost everyday. (I still use Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream when I know I will be sweating a lot or it will be humid.) But aside from that, my skin has really adjusted to using White Perfect.

Here’s a side by side comparison: before vs after using White Perfect Day Cream:
*I have cleansed my face, removed makeup and toned. I have not put any moisturize on.

with flash

without flash

Okay, here’s my verdict:

For the whitening effect, I wouldn’t say my face has gotten whiter. My family used to tease me because I was dark. Darker than them. So until now, that’s how I feel about my color. Although it doesn’t really bother me. :p But if you noticed, my skin didn’t get any darker too even though I’m always out and about and we had our bazaars al fresco meaning outdoors.

Here’s what I loved about this cream though. I really see that my skin is more glowing. It indeed gave me a more radiant skin. I remember that the cream has Tourmaline Gemstone which is known to help stimulate skin microcirculation, to help give skin a more rosy glow. I think you can see in the photos above that in my before pictures, my skin was more flat, matte. But for the after pictures, it looks a little more moisturized even though I haven’t put on any moisturizer.

before and after

My dark spots are still there though. But in this close up shot, you can see the difference in color. See how my skin looks a little healthier now?

before and after

My little bumps still there. Maybe I still need to continue using it? I know it’s not a miracle cream and it’s not like I had plastic surgery anyways. But notice the mark in my before photo. It has a brown circular mark on my cheek? In my after photo, it’s not as visible anymore.

Overall, it is indeed a good product. Just look at the effect on my skin and I’ve just been using it a little over a month now. I’m sure regular and continuous use will lead to even better improvement. I love it! Thanks Loreal for a wonderful product! :) So go now and purchase one. It’s available at the leading department stores and supermarkets.

Disclaimer: Products sent by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my experience and are my 100% honest opinion.