Loreal Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam

I was sent a lovely package by Loreal once again. This time, I think it’s intended for my husband. Haha! I was surprised when I opened the package and saw Loreal Men Expert. (Off topic: I have an update post about my Loreal White Perfect Day Cream soon.)
Anyways, I gave the product to my husband and asked me to test and review it for me. I didn’t want to use it because I know that men and women have different skin conditions.
Pure and Matte Charcoal Black Foam
This product is intended for men who have oily skin. The impurities and excess oil accumulate in the pores making the pores bigger. And on the skin, sebum oxidizes and darkens, making the skin look shiny, unclean and dull.
Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam:

1. Cleanses, clears & mattifies for long
Enriched with Salicylic Acid, this formula cleanses and clears skin efficiently: excess sebum and dull dead cells are removed, skin is clear & mattified for long. Pores are visibly tightened and blackheads are reduced, your skin becomes soft, smooth and radiant!
2. Reinforces the skin’s natural resistance
ADS™ Active Defense System, a powerful soothing active ingredient that helps to reinforce the skin’s natural resistance against daily aggressions.
Results: Less irritation, less tightness and more comfort.
3. Fine bubbles remove impurities from skin
With L’Oréal Paris’ new foaming texture with fine bubbles, your skin is cleansed and impurities are washed out, This product helps to avoid sebum rebounding after wash and leaves you a pleasant fresh feeling.

Well here’s the lowdown on H’s skin. He has oily skin. His pores are quite big especially on the nose and cheeks section. He usually oils up after an hour or so. That’s how oily he is. His skin care routine is quite simple. He just cleanses his face. That’s it. Although now, I have encouraged him to take it a step further by toning. He doesn’t moisturize, he doesn’t put sunscreen. I know… It’s such a shame. I have been telling him nonstop to do so, but what can I do aside from just nag? Haha!
Anyways, he’s been using the Charcoal Black Foam for about two weeks now since I received it. And when I asked him to give me his thoughts about the product, here’s what he said:
1. He likes that it’s simple. It’s just a facial wash, which he is used to.
2. He has used another brand of facial wash which gives this squeaky clean feeling, Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Foam doesn’t. The latter makes him feel like his skin still has moisture.
3. The fact that it’s black is unique. Since we’re used to white colored facial wash.
4. He doesn’t feel tightening of the pores. But he feels his face is cleaned when he uses it. No need for toners anymore.
5. In my opinion, his face still becomes oily, but not as fast as before.
6. I like that it doesn’t smell too manly. I hate “manly” scents. It makes my head hurt and makes me dizzy.
7. He uses this twice a day.
8. One tube would lasts him for months. The tube is huge.
9. For the price of P195, it’s a good buy.
I asked him if he would buy another tube again when he’s ran out of it and he said “yes”. That shows that this product is worth buying. Now, how to teach him to moisturize. Hmm… :p

Disclaimer: Products sent by company. I am not affiliated with the company. All information written are based on my husband’s experience and are our 100% honest opinion.