California Pizza Kitchen

The Holidays is almost over and it means back to reality. I’m still very much enjoying the company of my family and friends. These are the times we can get together and spend quality time together. However, I missed blogging so much and my camera’s memory is already full with photos of the things I wanted to talk about. I’ll get back to regular programming by next year though. Or should I say a few days from now? :p

One of the things I wanted to share with you is my love for California Pizza Kitchen. It sure is one of the best when it comes to pasta and pizza. I have always loved dining there, and I could still remember my first visits back in highschool.

My staple orders revolve around pizza and pasta. I’m a huge pizza eater and I admit my selfishness strikes when it comes to CPK’s pizza. I was having food cravings recently and wanted to eat at CPK so badly. Luckily, H was open to the idea too and so after delivering Skin Hour stocks at Moonshine Garb Boutique in Rockwell, we headed to CPK just across Archeology.

Here are our orders: (which is what we usually order when we dine in CPK.)

Lemon Iced Tea (P105.00)

Was supposed to get the Raspberry one, but decided on Lemon because I liked the citrusy flavor.

Grilled Sausage Penne Bolognese Sauce
Full Size (P565.00)

Our favorite pasta! Since we are meat lovers, this pasta surely satisfies our craving with its hot sausage! I love penne pasta so I’d say this is a pasta made especially for me. :p It’s a little hot because of the sausage used, I think it’s Italian sausage. But it’s not too spicy that will make you cry. :)

 Santa Fe Chicken Pizza (P325.00)

Served with tomatoes and  cream cheese

My favorite pizza in CPK! First of all, it’s chicken. So to those who don’t eat red meat, this is a must! I love the fresh tomatoes mixed with the onions and cheese. Plus the cream cheese that melts when you spread it on top of the pizza. It’s the best! So far, this is the best CPK pizza I have ever tasted and actually ever since I tasted this, this has already been my staple order in CPK. That’s how good this is.

Are you craving for some CPK now? I sure am! Haha! With the cozy laid back ambiance, the friendly staff, the perfect food, nothing can go wrong with California Pizza Kitchen. :p