Laybare Waxing Salon

Hi guys,

I know I’ve already blogged about my waxing obsession, but I just realized that there are actually other people who are also interested but a little bit scared to try it.

So i’ll try to walk you through a normal waxing process at Lay Bare Waxing Salon which is where I usually get myself waxed.

There’s no need to worry because they understand the importance of privacy. There are cubicles or private rooms allocated for the customers. You’re left alone to remove clothing (whichever is necessary).
View when you first enter the room

The bed you stay in for about an hour or so.
The therapist usually powders the area. This is not necessary though. I think they do this just to make sure that the area is dry. And she would get a “plastic balloon looking” solution which is the wax and play with it to prepare it for the waxing procedure.
The therapists are trained their first month with the company. They wax each other for their trainings. Senior therapists usually do the teaching.

Tools of the trade
It starts by spreading the wax to the area, then stripping it off briskly. The hair is pulled by the wax and the stripping should be the direction of the hair growth to avoid ingrown. For Laybare, they don’t use cloths anymore to strip the wax, rather they pull the wax with their bare hands.
Does it hurt? I think this all depends on which area you are being waxed. I’ve tried underarms, bikini and brazilian. I’d say underarm waxing doesn’t hurt very much, bikini is okay, though it hurts a little when you get nearer, same with brazilian. I’d say the pain is tolerable and it’s not like how movies show and represent it. Then again, I think I have high tolerance for pain. Good for me, I know. I’ve read that you can take pain remover before your procedure just to reduce the pain. I have to admit, I can’t do brazilian and bikini waxing every month, because it entails pain every month, even though it’s tolerable.
After waxing, the therapist may need to pluck some more. These unruly hair maybe too short or too fine for waxing. Don’t worry, this part doesn’t hurt anymore. I think the area gets numb or something like that. Haha! When it’s all done, she spreads an anti-infection cream and tell you to not wet the area for 4 hours as the pores are still open.
How much is it? For the underarms, it’s P150.00, bikini- P250.00, brazilian- P450.00.
Is it worth the pain and money? Personally yes. I’ve said this before… my major reason is hygiene. I feel cleaner, more hygienic. Like what my therapist told me before, once you wax and see the benefits, you never go back. :p
I suggest to try it one at a time and start with a small part working your way to bigger areas. Waxing usually takes 1 hour for small areas and some take about 4-5 hours i.e. whole body waxing. So try to schedule your waxing when you’re not running errands just so you’re more relaxed. This will also make the pain bearable.  I was also advised to exhale and breathe out when the therapist strips the wax. I think it works too. So go ahead try it. 🙂
I hope this short entry helps. Go ahead and feel the difference! 😀