Back Home!

We’re back. Hubby is finally home! :) We have also celebrated our one year wedding anniversary during my visit. I will be sharing with you some of the things we did and H’s surprise anniversary celebration. :)

I’ll do all of those this week. :D In the mean time, what’s this I hear that Mcdo Twister Fries is back! I gotta tell you it’s my favorite! I remember how much I loved Twister Fries that I ordered two and ate them all in one seating! So yes, I am very very very excited to meet my favorite fries of all time once again!


I’ll be getting back to work by tomorrow also. Loads of backlog I’m sure of it. But at least I have my strength back, my husband. :) Regular programming in Yellow Yum should also be prioritized! Hehe!

Oh and btw, I want to thank everyone who supported and liked my first Hopeless Romantic post.  Stay tuned for more! And as for my beauty posts, I will be posting a beauty loot I purchased in Thailand. I’ll be road testing them as well and hopefully they’re okay.

So that’s it for tonight. If you have any requests, do let me know and I’ll put it in the pipeline. :)