Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall of Dusit Palace

H is not feeling well as I am writing this. His body is aching most especially his back and arms. :( He feels so guilty that he ruined our plans of going back to work today. Crazy? Of course I want to make sure he’s well rested and he has his energy back.  I kissed him and told him I’ll take care of him.

Actually, I was sick the morning when we arrived in the Philippines. I had a terrible stomach ache. I already felt my intestines and guts squeezing by the time we went to the airport and the whole trip to the Philippines was a nightmare. I couldn’t rest properly because my stomach ached the whole time. When we reached NAIA, I was still feeling sick. I had to go to the medical clinic of the airport to ask for medication. So now that H is the one who’s under the weather, I feel it’s time to show my wifey instinct and take care of him.

On to my post. Sorry I just had to share what I’m feeling now. He’s here beside me sound asleep as I type.

We went to the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall and it’s one of my most favorite places we went to. I have always enjoyed learning about other culture and seeing and going to places showcasing their culture.

We weren't able to take photos inside because cameras were not allowed. But it was an exhibition of the masterpieces by the SUPPORT Training Center at Chitralada Villa "Arts of the Kingdom" crafted by artisans of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's SUPPORT Foundation.

There were so many magnificent exhibitions like thrones and barge, royal banquet table and award winning embroidery. It was amazing! And the place, it was indeed a palace. The place was breath taking! I even had to buy a sarong and change my shirt because females cannot wear sleeveless and must be wearing a skirt. I looked like an idiot because I wore my sarong over my jeans. Haha! But it was great!!! It definitely is a must see for culture junkies like me. :)

H's teacher suggested this place, I think. Here's a link of the history of the hall: and there are a few photos in the site too/