Nihonbashi Tei Restaurant

It was my sister’s birthday and my mom made a reservation at Nihonbashi Tei, a Japanese restaurant which was recommended by my aunt. My aunt has told me about the restaurant months ago and finally we get to try it. The restaurant is in Arnaiz St. (formerly Pasay Road), Makati.

Here are our orders:
*Disclaimer: I wasn’t able to check on the food names and the prices. :(

Tamago Sashimi

They are my favorite! I was surprised that the photo above is only one serving. Look how many pieces there are. :)

Salmon Sushi

My sisters love eating raw sushi. I actually remembered my husband while eating this, because he doesn’t eat sushi. Hehe!

California Maki P200.00

Super yummy! It really tasted fresh, compared to other california makis especially of fast food.

Ebi Tempura Maki P180.00

Also yummy. I tried one piece only as I am allergic to shrimps and crabs. And ebi = shrimp.
(A follow up post on this later.)

Mom’s order: Ramen

I got to try it. I liked the soup. I don’t know the name of this ramen though. It was okay. Wouldn’t order it again just because I’m not really into ramens.
  Chicken Teriyaki P150.00

Very delicious!!! The meat is tender, very tasty. What else can I say. It’s a must order!

U.S. Beef

Another one of my favorites! I asked it to be cooked medium well and it was oh so perfect! I wanted to eat the whole thing! Haha!

Dad’s order: Gyoza

It was so-so. I can’t really say much because I didn’t find it too good. It was normal.

Will I go back? Maybe. The parking was cramped, though it has valet. The food was pretty okay. My mom says they have lunch sets, a whole lot cheaper than going there for dinner. So maybe I’ll try lunch. The food was decent, I liked the chicken teriyaki and the beef, and also the maki. :)