Midnight Black Cake

As I am typing this, I am in Starbucks. Enjoying a little alone time. I just finished some work and I wanted to take a break. There’s a Starbucks quite near so I decided to go and have a little snack.

I wanted to eat something sweet, dessert. There was the usual Classic Chocolate Cake which I was supposed to buy. And then I saw another cake platter, Midnight Black Cake.  I was intrigued. I asked the barista about it, what the difference of chocolate cake and midnight black cake was. He said that the Classic Chocolate Cake was more chocolatey and sweeter- your usual chocolate cake. (Hence the name. Duh?!) The Midnight Black Cake was bitter sweet, and he said it tasted like Ferrero Rocher.

So I had no choice but to try it! After hearing Ferrero Rocher, I knew it would be really yummy! By the way, I’ve also tried their Macadamia Cake. I liked it though it was really sweet. I cannot finish a slice by myself, because I find it suppperrr sweet.


close up

I’m eating it now and it is so delicious! Divine!!!! I like the different layers of it. And indeed it tastes like Ferrero Rocher. See the 2nd layer? The chocolate brown color? I think it’s the same as the one in Ferrero. It has  a little amount of nuts as well. Which makes it even yummier!!! :)

So glad I tried this. It’s well worth it! YUM! Hungry now? :p