Thai Food Galore

This is a long post full of pics. I just wanted to share the food we ate during our last trip to Thailand. I swear I love eating there because the prices are really cheap! And really delicious too. 🙂
I apologize for the amateur pictures.  I am not a professional photographer or anything and I just used my point and shoot camera for these.
This was my lunch during the Pet Expo at Queen Sirikit.
 Hubby’s Sweet & Sour Pork
  There drinks are usually in tall slim cups. If you ask for no ice, it’s more expensive. You get more of the soda, that’s why.
 At Queen Sirikit Foodcourt before heading to the expo.
The meal was about 50-60 baht each.
Fuji, our most favorite restaurant. Fuji serves Japanese food. We always go here for lunch because of their set menu and lunch promos. We like the ambiance and the fact that the servers know and understand English.
One of our favorite restaurants: Fuji 
  Iced Coffee
I always order this. This is their Beef Set Menu for Lunch.
Would you believe it’s only 160baht? Sooo filling and yuuummmyyy!
Close up of the beef!
Hachiban Ramen, MBK Mall:
Gyoza 45 baht
  H’s Karamen 63baht
My Kamora 70 baht
It’s spaghetti. And I learned something when I ate this dish. Don’t underestimate when they say it’s mild spicy or not spicy, because it is!
Siomari 45 baht
On to dessert at Swensen’s:
I first had a taste of Swensen’s in Singapore during our HMN trip and fell in love with the creaminess of ice cream. Just thinking about it now makes me hungry! YUM!
  H ordered Nutty Crispy Tower 89 baht
  And mine is 2-Tone Brownie Tower 75 baht
For some reason it wasn’t as delicious as the one in Singapore. 🙁
We also usually eat at food courts because they’re cheaper but still really good. What I hate though is that usually the people in the stalls don’t understand English. So you usually just point at the dish you want, also known as “turo turo”.
At Siam Food Hall:
Siam Paragon is a mall quite near to where we stay and I would say just like Ayala Malls. They have high end stores but still caters to mid-end public. I love going to Siam malls because they’re interconnected. I think there’s Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon and there’s another mall (I just forgot the name).
H’s meal. This was about 60 baht.
I ordered Chicken Curry. Same price.
Still super spicy. 🙁
I love the veggies. It reminds me of my Grandma’s sitaw.
By the way, I love spicy food. And I love Indian food. H could attest to that. I could eat lots and lots of food with chili flakes and chili and not get sick from it. However, Thai food, the ones I ate in Thailand were just so HOOTTT!
Next is: MBK Food Hall
MBK is a mall near to where we stay so we usually go here. It’s very convenient given that 8pm, malls already close!
H’s meal, it was about 55baht
Mine was a combination of grilled and fried chicken: 60 baht
Now, another favorite restaurant: 
This was our second time in Greyhound Cafe. It’s a cute artsy restaurant in Siam Discovery. The servers are fluent in English and usually the ones dining here are socialites/high end market.
Again, I made sure to order this. It’s called Complicated Noodles.
Now I had to try this Dried Beef with rice. It was really good.
A little spicy still. Haha! But it was okay.
Since the food was spicy, I had to eat dessert.
We ordered 1 pint of ice cream to share.
Chocolate Extreme!
I forgot how much it was, but definitely cheaper. 1 pint was actually about p100 only! Cheap, right?
So I already mentioned that we missed our flight right? We stayed at The Great Residence. And there were no restaurants near the hotel, so we didn’t have any choice but to eat ONLY at their restaurant. Good thing is it wasn’t bad at all.
I forgot the name of the dish. But it was pork. Haha!
 Their heart-shaped rice. 🙂 Cute.
  This dish I liked. It was catfish I think mixed with mangoes and tomatoes.
Step 1: Pour the sauce to the catfish.
Step 2: Mix it.
Step 3: Put some on your plate.
Enjoy! 🙂
Fried Pork
Luckily, the Great Residence  had decent food! So we somehow enjoyed our stay there. 🙂
So there, those were the dishes we had during our stay in Thailand last month. I’m now getting hungry just looking at the photos. Are you? 🙂