Orchard Road

We went to Singapore for the first leg of our honeymoon (Oh yes, I still haven't blogged about hmn yet. Must do that soon.) and I fell in love with the country completely. Their food were of course expensive, since it was P33.00=1.00 SGD. Luckily I have friends who live there (saying hi to Kaths and Mari!) who were kind enough to tour us to really yummy and more affordable restaurants. So because of those trips, I learned to love their food too.

I was surprised when I saw an Orchard Road sign in SM Megamall and wondered what it was. Eventually I found out that it was a restaurant serving authentic Singaporean food. Ooh!!! Must try!

First thing to do is to answer this form and present it to the cashier upon ordering.

When I saw the menu, it took me back to our HMN. I felt really excited. :) Plus I knew how yummy Singaporean food is.

Wait for the food to be served.

Here are some photos of their interiors.

This is their open kitchen.

And here are our orders:

Hainanese Chicken Rice P155.00

What can I say???? It was one of our favorite "must eats" when we went to Sinagpore. I personally liked the sauce that Orchard Road paired it with. The rice was Hainanese rice too. Really good. For me, it wasn't just your typical white chicken.

Bak Kut Teh P150.00

This is my favorite from all our orders. I loved the flavor of the soup (it was actually better than the one we ate in SG), the tenderness of the meat. The only thing they can improve on is to put more meat. But other than that, it was wonderful!

Satay Chicken (4 sticks) P110.00

This was okay. I liked the sauce, it kinda had an Indian flavor to it. Nothing too special about this compared to the others we ordered.

Plain Rice P25.00

Teh Tarik P50.00

This was their version of milk tea. But for me it wasn't good. I think because I'm used to Thai Tea (which I love btw.), Teh Tarik isn't sweet and it tastes like real tea. Actually Orchard Road's version is the same as the one sold in SG and even in Malaysia. It's the same formula I think. Because if I remember correctly, I didn't like their Teh Tarik in Malaysia either. Just my personal preference. Others might like it, like my sister. She likes Nai Cha so she likes Teh Tarik too.

Kopi Tarik P55.00

This was my drink and I liked it. It was sweet, but not too sweet to overpower the drink. Still had a coffee kick to it. I remember my husband ordering this while we were in MY and I ordered Teh Tarik and I ended up drinking this instead since I liked the taste of Kopi Tarik better. Hehe!

It was a very filling lunch and it was so nice to reminisce. :) We swore to go back. We'd probably bring my MIL sometime soon. Must eat must eat! I wonder if the owner/s of Orchard Road is/are the same as the owner/s of Makansutra in Manila Ocean Park?