Clinique Youth Surge Night

I received Clinique Youth Surge Night from the Clinique event I attended last month. I've been using it during night time and also tried using it even in day time as a substitute for Moisture Surge.

After trying this product for three weeks, I noticed that my face  is softer. I don't have wrinkles and fine lines yet, so I can't say anything about that. But I noticed that it's more supple and hydrated. Obviously this should be the effect of moisturizers. 

Clinique's Youth Surge Night is actually pretty heavy so it gives intense moisturizing. I like it! :) I only use a small amount of product. During day time, I make sure that it doesn't feel too much. Though I've tried this, I made a mistake and lathered way too much product, it didn't make my makeup cake. Fortunately!

What I don't I like about this product though is the smell. It has a faint sour smell. Even my All About Eyes Rich has this smell, but is a bit milder. I guess that's really their smell, but I, personally don't like it. And it bothers me a little when I put the product on my whole face.

How do I use this during day time? I use it just like Moisture Surge. I put a small amount on my hands, rub them together and just pat it on the face after my makeup application. It hydrates and gives moisture to the whole face. When I use this, I don't spritz Skin Hour's Firming & Clarifying Toner anymore, because it does the same thing.

I love how softer my face is. I'm blessed with soft skin, but with the Youth Surge, my face is now baby soft. Really! :p