My not so current obsession. :p Been obsessing about it since the first time I tried it. 
I’ve been a waxer since last year. I’ve always wanted to try it years back but never really had the guts to do so. But when a good friend of mine tried it, I thought if she could do it, then maybe it wasn’t as painful as I thought. So I finally tried it for the first time at Lay Bare Waxing Salon. I visited their website before and felt that their prices were quite reasonable compared to other waxing salons.

So there I was ready to try out their Bikini Wax and Underarm Waxing. The procedure was not so bad. I guess I was expecting much worse, but it was not. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Months after that, I tried their Brazilian Waxing. I’ve always been intrigued by it, so I thought why not try. Again, the procedure was okay. Though it was more painful than bikini, it was still bearable. I know that my pain tolerance is quite high. So I wouldn’t know what other women think about it. For me though, it was tolerable. And the results are worth it.

What to expect in a waxing salon like Lay Bare?
*This is from my personal experience in Lay Bare. (Btw, I used to go to their Malugay branch in Makati at Star Centrum Building.)

They first made me register and asked me to wait while they wait for a room to be vacant. I usually set an appointment before going. Once a room is available, they escorted me to one and asked me to remove my undergarment and wear a robe. Since I tried getting my underarm waxed, I was asked to remove my shirt but not my bra and of course my underwear. The therapist put some powder just to make sure that the area is dry or else the wax would just slide off. And finally she put the wax on me with her hands and strip it off. The wax looks like a gooey plastic balloon. For Brazilian waxing, the therapist also asked me to turn over to remove all the hair. After waxing, she put an antibacterial cream on the area.

Why I personally like waxing?
First is the cleanliness. I like feeling super clean and smooth, especially on times when I have my monthly visitor. It’s so much cleaner and I feel a lot better. Second is with waxing, the hair grows slower than shaving. Plus it becomes sparser. Waxing also minimizes chances of darkness and chicken skin. And of course, with baby smooth skin, I feel cleaner and sexier too!

As I saw the results and loved it everytime, I went around and researched more about waxing. And finally when I opened ShopSui, I asked Strip It to be one of my concessionaires.

Strip It is a DIY waxing kit that I now use. I haven’t gone to Lay Bare since late last year because I’ve been doing it on my own with Strip It. It’s convenient since I don’t need to leave my house anymore. Plus it’s a lot cheaper. And for the shy ones, no one would see you naked!

Now that it’s summer time, I’m sure a lot of ladies will try this. Here are some thoughts and tips:
1. It is not painless. Amidst the tales that some didn’t feel a thing. It is just but a false advertisement. Me, having a high tolerance in pain, still twitch during a Brazilian session. BUT it’s tolerable. It’s not like the ones we see in movies, that you’ll scream during the session. It’s too exaggerated. Haha!
2. Don’t wet the area for at least 4 hours. For DIY waxing and even in waxing salons, this is the recommendation.
3. Wax after a bath. If you can scrub the area prior to a session, that’s better. In my experience, it’s easier to remove hair. (Sorry I don’t know why.)
4. There’s redness and puffiness after waxing. It’s normal for the area to be red and a bit sore. It will subside the next day.
5. For underarms, the hair starts to grow back after a week. Bikini area, usually 2 – 2 1/2 weeks. This depends on your hair growth.
6. For Brazilian virgins, it feels weird and looks really weird! Just because you’re not used to it, but you’ll get the hang of it and love it eventually! :p
7. The hair becomes sparser over time.
8. For DIY waxing, it may take you some time before perfecting the art of waxing. Practice practice practice.
9. Chitchat with your therapist if you feel uncomfortable during a session. They don’t bite and they know how you feel.
10. Enjoy and love your body whether it be hairy or hairless! It’s not mandatory to wax, definitely. Just as long as you’re happy and comfortable with your skin, that’s all that matters!