Sonya's Garden Spa

OT: It's my first day back to the gym tomorrow since last June 2009. Yes, it's been a whole year. Last year was extremely busy for me, with the boutique and our wedding. So I honestly couldn't find time for my fitness. :( I used to go to the gym regularly. I normally join the aero dance classes, because I love dancing. So wish me luck. Hopefully I still have enough stamina to sustain my energy! 

Anyway usually when I go relaxing, I try to go to a spa and take a nice long break. It never fails to relax me and lessen my tension. And it's one of the things my husband and I love.

One of the itineraries during our stay in Tagaytay was to get massages. After researching several spas in Tagaytay, we decided to go to Sonya's Garden Spa.

This was taken after our massage.

We decided to get a full body massage and a foot massage. I'm a real foot massage addict! I would rather get a foot massage than a full body. I'm very much into reflexology.

I got Sonya's Signature Massage P785 for 1 hour and Foot Spa with Reflexology P560 for 1 hour According to their website, if you're a Sonya's Spa virgin, this is the recommended massage. Foot Spa on the other hand, was simply foot scrub. So I chose to get the one with Reflexology.

H also got Sonya's Signature Massage P785 for 1 hour and Foot Spa with Back Massage P560 for 1 hour. He's into back massages, so he chose this package.

We chose to stay in a couple's room, so we had to add P100. Actually they did not tell me that there's an additional fee of P100 for a couple's room. If I only knew, I wouldn't have booked one.

Here are some photos of the room: I took the pictures after our massage. So the beds were already a mess.

clean and organized bed :p

First we started with our foot spa. I didn't like it that much. They soaked our feet first and put scrub. The foot scrub that they used was extremly coarse. My husband felt the same. And after the scrub, my feet didn't really feel any softer. The Foot Reflexology was actually pretty good. The therapist knew which parts were to be pressed. However, the reflexology was about 15 minutes only, I think. Too short! Again, I'm a huge foot massage fan, so it was really too short and I was so bitin.

On to Sonya's Signature Massage, it was pretty good. I wouldn't say that it's my favorite nor does it rank top 3. But it was decent. The massage was a combination of swedish and a little bit of shiatsu. They focused more on the back, but the whole body was covered. Maybe it depends on the therapist? Because H said that his therapist was good. Though not comparable to other spas, he said that his therapist must already be a senior therapist for she already knew which parts to focus on.

What I like about the massage room was their attention to detail. Each bed has a bowl of flower below, which simply means they are detail oriented in terms of their design.

Here are a few other photos of the place:

Overall, the place was okay. The massage wasn't as good. I will not come back again. Sorry.