Rose & Grace Bulalo

My last post about our Tagaytay trip is about Rose & Grace restaurant. I’ve known the restaurant ever since I could remember. Our province is in Quezon and when we go there, we usually pass by Rose & Grace. But my love for this restau grew just a few years ago.
They already have three branches and I was able to dine in all three.
Whenever we go to Rose and Grace, we never fail to order their specialty, bulalo.
Special Bulalo P320
It comes with refillable soup.
We also ordered their Crispy Tawilis, because H likes his tawilis!
Rose & Grace, in my opinion serves the best bulalo. When you talk about bulalos, it’s Rose & Grace all the way. The meat is tender, very tender, the soup is addicting, you can’t ask for more. We always end up eating so much even if we’re not hungry. And for the price, OMG!, how can anything be better than that?

The tawilis was not bad too! I’m sorry I forgot the price. But definitely worth buying also. Tastes really delicious, and pair with the bulalo soup, I’m now hungry! Haha!

Go and try it for yourself. Try the best bulalo, only at Rose & Grace! Here are a few photos of the interiors in their Sta. Rosa branch where we dined that time.
And few camwhoring photos on the way home: