Ilog Maria Purchases

For our souvenir and pasalubong, we went to Ilog Maria to buy stuff. I was introduced to Ilog Maria about 4 or 5 years ago by my MIL when we went to Tagaytay. They brought me there and showed me the beefarm that time. I think now, they don't have a bee farm anymore. I'm not really sure why. But I've loved their products especially because they're organic.

So for my haul, these are the items I bought:


Honey & Propolis Shampoo (P140)
Gift for my sister
Honey, Beeswax & Propolis Lip Balm (P75)

I've tried this and been using it since my trip. I love the minty effect. In terms of moisturizing, it does moisturize really well. But I feel like there's oil on top of my lips. So what I do is keep it on my lips for a couple of minutes and use a facial tissue and wipe it off again, leaving my lips soft and moisturized.

Honey Face Scrub (P140)

I've used the scrub once only so I can't really say much about it yet. I'll roadtest it and update you guys. According to the sales person, the scrub is to be used once a week for 20 minutes. And keep it on for 10 minutes more. It's a bit hard to rub on the face though because it becomes sticky so I keep putting a small amount of water on my face.

Honey-Propolis Feminine Wash (P45)

I must admit, I am very very sensitive down there. So I really make sure to try a feminine wash first before buying a lot. I bought 2 bars of Ilog Maria Feminine Wash because I assume that they're natural and won't cause irritations. I've tried this for about a week, I'll talk about it again once I'm sure of the benefits and it's difference from other feminine washes.