Food by Andanita Taj and Mile Hi

As promised, here are the yummy Indian food we chewed on for dinner in Andanita Taj while we were in Tagaytay:

Chicken Curry P320
The  Chicken Curry that we got was mild spicy, because H might not be able to finish it. Haha! I love the spicy food of Indian and Persian cuisine, but H doesn’t. He likes Chinese spicy food, but I couldn’t take it. Haha! We’re opposites like that.
Beef Kebab P220
This we got with the hopes of it tasting like Behrouz. :p It was okay, though I still love Behrouz better!
Basmati Rice
Yummy rice! I am a fan of fried rice. H likes this because according to him basmati rice usually taste better than just ordinary rice.
I love that even though the presentation is very simple, and well… yeah it was a simple meal; they really made sure that the taste is authentic! Go Indian! ๐Ÿ™‚
As for our free breakfast (included in our room package):
Indian Tea
The breakfast was just that, simple. I would have wanted some meat like maybe bacon with my breakfast, but it was pretty filling though. I tasted the Indian tea, it tastes a little like Thai Tea. Just a tad similar. Though of course Thai Tea is still my favorite! For the price we got our room (P2999 off peak season), it was good enough since we also had a decent massage included.
After going to the casino at PAGCOR, we went for dessert at Mile Hi. As I could remember, I know that there’s also a Mile Hi Diner in Baguio where we had breakfast before, so I was a bit familiar with their food. It was already 10pm and we were lucky that they were still open. Last orders though. We ordered dessert:
H got a Banana Split
I got a Chocolate Sundae
It was simply the perfect ending to a nice vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚