Tagaytay: Bag of Beans & Paradizoo Residence Inn

Just wanna let you know, my SUN Wireless Broadband rocks! :) Actually we plan to use this at home so we also purchased 3G router. (I didn't get the one sold at SUN, rather we went to Greenhills and purchased one much cheaper! Got it for P2,200. SUN was selling theirs P3,500 I think.)

During our last day in Tagaytay, we went to Bag of Beans for lunch. I heard a lot of raves about the place and wanted to try their dessert. But since we were only their for a day, we didn't have enough time for dessert. So we ended up having lunch.

Here's a few photos of the place:

And our orders:

Shepherd's Pie P105

This was my order. As seen above, it doesn't look quite appetizing. :( I was actually disappointed when this was served because I've tried another restaurant's Shepherd's Pie and it looked really delicious. In terms of taste, it was just okay. I still like Mom and Tina's shepherd's pie better. Maybe that's why it was not that expensive?

Roast Beef P320

H ordered Roast Beef and according to him, it tastes so-so too. Nothing special, nothing unforgettable. :/ Though the beef was tender, the sauce probably was just not good. But doesn't the photo look yummy? Tricky right?

Here's the menu:

We should have eaten in a different restau and just went here for dessert! Come to think of it, I read raves about their DESSERT and not really their main course. Hay.... Will I go back? I don't think so.

Saw a cat playing with a small froggie! Hahaha!

After eating, we went to Paradizoo Residence Inn. We both love animals and going to the zoo. For our honeymoon, we went to different zoos in Singapore too! I know that Paradizoo is somehow similar to Subic's Zoobic Safari.

The entrance fee was just P100 per person because we went there on a weekday. I don't have a lot of photos because it was too hot and Residence Inn wasn't as big as I expected.

what greeted us

a bat (My first time to see a bat upclose!)

when you look up, you see the king!

I got a bit scared. Hehe!

Husband keeps telling me the monkey might pee on me!


Not worth going to. :( The place wasn't that big. Because of the heat of the sun, the animals were just plain bored and sleepy. Some of them, we saw, have hotspots and weren't treated yet. :( The only exciting thing was the bat! I would rather go to Zoobic, now that was fun! I'll try to post an entry about it next time. We went there 2 years ago I think.