Aysee, The Original Sisig

I’m sorry for my lack of posts. Been very busy plus had internet problems. I just came home from my Tagaytay trip. It was H’s birthday so we definitely wanted to get away and be by ourselves.

My husband and I both like Pork Sisig. But we don’t agree on the best sisig. He has his favorite sisig restaurant while I have my own. Fast forward to 2010, my husband’s favorite sisig restaurant opened a branch in Tiendesitas. It’s none other than Aysee.

Since we’re in Tiendesitas everyday, H invited me to a sisig lunch.

Their sisig is masarsa which I liked a lot. I usually order sisig with egg. I put soy sauce and calamansi. Heavenly!

Unlike other sisigs, Aysee’s I loved because of the sauce. And I think they also put a few chicharon for that added crunch. Yummy!

Well aside from the famous sisig, they also have other dishes.

I gotta hand it to Aysee, they do know their sisig! :p I’m starting to lean towards Aysee, most especially because of their very reasonable price!

How about you? What’s your favorite sisig restaurant? 🙂