Tips on Pre-Nuptial Shoots

Before the wedding, you and your fiance will have your pre-nuptial shoot or prenup. Normally all photo packages include a prenuptial shoot. Basically it's a pictorial of you and your fiance which usually airs during your wedding reception.

I have been a big fan of wedding photography and videos even before I got engaged. And of course, when I got engaged, I was even more of a wedding freak! I loved looking at other couple's prenuptial shoots. Each photographer has his/her own way of shooting. Some like it very natural, some very classic or traditional, some are very artsy and some are avant garde.

Our wedding photographer was Jayson Arquiza of Redefine Weddings. And we chose him because we felt very comfortable talking to him. We browsed through his portfolio during a wedding fair and saw that his kind of photography was very "us".

You see we, as a couple, aren't really very artsy. We're quite laid back, very simple. We wanted to portray no one for our prenup. We wanted to look like "ourselves" instead of somebody else. And Jayson's style of shooting is just that. Capturing the smiles and the natural emotions of the couple.

Alas it was time for us to choose a theme and prenup locations. This would probably be the hardest part because I wanted so many locations while my husband, my fiance that time, wanted to make sure that all the locations weren't far from each other. And the theme? As simple as we were, we couldn't think of anything!

It was important for us to set a criteria to narrow down our choices.

1. We can feature the things we love and we have in common. i.e. our dogs and eating!
2. We would have three outfit changes. One casual, one semi-formal and one formal wear.
3. We didn't need to pay anything for the prenup location. There was so many places that I wanted like Enchanted Kingdom for example, but you have to pay in order to take photos there. :(
4. The location is just around the corner. And we wouldn't need to go out of town then back to Manila.

As I browsed one prenup shoot of a couple to another, I got ideas that I discussed with my husband and here's what we came up with:

1. UP Diliman Dog Walking
We chose UP because we saw photos from Rederine Wedding's website that was shot in UP. I loved the plush greens of the trees. How natural they looked. And it was important that we can bring our dogs there! UP was open to dogs. Heck they're even open to joggers not from UP! We brought our miniature schnauzers with us. I chose "white and jeans" for our outfits. I want it to be very laid back, casual and clean.

Hans and Boo

2. Semi-Chic Serendra
Luckily, our "to-be-ninong" and t"to-be-ninang" (principal sponsors) live in Serendra, so we didn't have to pay a single centavo. They just had to ask permission from the administration and they sponsored our photoshoot. Knowing that Serendra is upscale, I made sure we looked the part too! I wore a three tone dress and pumps, and I asked my husband to color coordinate. The place was superb! As our photographer said, he felt like he shot abroad. We also chose to partake in contemporary photography because the ambiance, the outfit fits in the category.

Inside our ninong and ninang's unit


3. Sunset at Baywalk, Roxas Blvd.
Last set was in Baywalk. Again, I saw photos shot in Baywalk from Jayson's site and fell in love with them. I loved the sunset feel and the lights. So from Fort, we headed to Roxas Blvd to catch the sunset. Though that time, it was cloudy. :( And I made sure to ask for photos with the lights! For our outfits, I wanted it a bit casual and decent (since the shoot was in Roxas Blvd and I will not be caught wearing a long gown there). I wore a blouse and paired it with leggings and gladiator heels while H wore white polo and jeans. For this set, we were already quite tired but were still excited to see the outcome.

Romantic lights

It was a very exhausting but fulfilling day. Knowing that the hard work we put in would result to great material for our wedding proper.

Here are some tips I learned:

1. Choose a photographer you're very comfortable with. This is so important because you'd be doing different poses in front of him and if you're shy around him, it might reflect on the photos.

2. Take your time in researching your prenup locations. It's quite fun seeing different locations and maybe visiting them even. And while looking at those areas, think of concepts.

3. Decide on your similarities or same interests. This would help you with the theme or concept design.

4. Schedule your trial makeup during your prenup date. This will save you the money from getting madeup by another artist. As for me, I madeup myself and my husband for our prenup shoot. Perks of being a makeup artist perhaps.

5. Make a timeline. Do not schedule too much locations. You have to consider the traffic, environmental problems i.e. if it rains, you need to have a backup. Maximize time with your photographer. For our prenup, we met with our photographer 9am if I'm not mistaken and finished around 6:30pm.

6. Get a good night sleep before the big day! Just like your wedding, you have to make sure you rest the day before. So you wouldn't look stressed, hagard and have dark circles on the day of your prenup shoot. Remember that the photos will be shown during your reception and everyone will see them!

7. Lastly, enjoy! It's a once in a lifetime experience with your partner. Enjoy it and treasure it and have fun!