Time for another food trip! When my dear friend Mari came home for a visit, we met up with Shal and had lunch together at CYMA in Shangrila. It was my second time to eat at CYMA, first time was at their Greenbelt branch years back. What I remember about it was it was quite expensive if you're eating alone or just out on a date. But for group dining, it's okay. Mari wanted to eat there so we granted her wish. 

No problems at the Shangrila branch, because even though we didn't have any reservations, the staff was kind enough to give us a table. I'm not quite sure if you STILL need a reservation when dining at this restau. That's waht I remember a few years back, that 70% of their tables are for reservation. Plus we ate their for lunch and it was a weekday, so maybe it wasn't too packed?! On to our food...

Here are our orders:
*Photo credits: Mari Go

 Roko Salata Salad -Solo size (P330)

The salad, for me, was so-so. Though Shal and Mari liked it. I found it okay, nothing special. For me the only thing I liked about it was the nuts. I found it dry for my taste.

Spinach & Artichoke Fondue (P350)

This I found interesting. It wasn't bad but it wasn't THAT good either. I liked it but I wouldn't order it again next time. Again, Shal and Mari seemed to like it. Maybe I'm just not a healthy eater?! Hahaha!

Mixed Meat Gyros (P200)

This reminds me of shawarma. It was okay. Nothing special yet again. But it was good enough.

Lamb Chops Shoulder (P460)

The lamb chops was decent. I liked it actually with the potato side dish. :) It was tender and the sauce was good. :)

Sharing a photo of us:

*I apologize I wasn't able to review the food in detail. We ate there last month and I was just able to blog about it now. :(

Overall, I would have ordered my favorite osso bucco. I wasn't able to order this that time. CYMA does have decent food and their play of ingredients. But it is quite pricey. So be sure to save up for a trip to this restau.


1 out of 4 Schnauzers