Sizzling Plate Baguio

Another food post! I seriously can’t get enough of food. And I am currently trying to diet… Just great! :/

Here’s a good find at Baguio. As mentioned, we wanted to try restaurants that aren’t here in Manila.

As we were walking around Session Road (which was quite near the place we stayed), we saw this restaurant and just had to stop and have lunch at Sizzling Plate Baguio.

We ordered the Australian Porter House as it was their best seller.

To quench our thirst, here are our drinks:
Iced Tea and Calamansi Juice

The meal started with soup: (The soup was okay, it tasted like instant noodles.)

And the good part:

Our Australian Porter House served with rice.
(Sorry I was too eager to eat that I forgot to take a photo before diving in.)

The steak was okay. It wasn’t that expensive. I think it was around P240-250 and as you see it’s already big. For me, tt actually tastes similar to that of –us- o- M-nis. But according to H, Sizzling Plate is better. Anyways, I was so full after eating. I think it’s still different from those we order in St—t-wn or hotels. 😉