Baguio: The Manor

The Manor is one of the famous hotel accommodations in Baguio. They have really yummy breakfast buffet. (We tried their buffet my first time in Baguio) and they have a wonderful ambiance. We had to go to The Manor to check out the place once again and to take pictures. :)

Here are some of the pictures we took in the open area of The Manor. It was fun fun fun!

Also we stopped by their pastry store.

Aren’t they delicious? Eye candy!!!

We purchased pralines. Cost= P160. They’re so so yummy!

Also, I saw this intriguing chess set so we took a photo.

The Philippine government officials. Cute and funny, it really is.

Anyways, I’m not sure how much lodging in The Manor is. But it really is worth a visit for your picture-picture. Haha! :)


  1. it's a tad bit expensive than most hotels in the area, but def. worth it!

    i love their pastry shop! on christmas it was decorated like a gingerbread house from hansel & gretel and it smells like one too!

  2. - Stilettos to Sweets -November 6, 2008 at 8:19 PM

    Sab: Tad bit lang ba? Haha! I really haven't tried staying there. We just tried their breakfast buffet last time and this time just took photos of the place. Haha! :p