Filling Station Dinner

Before I share the whole entry, I’d like to say I wasn’t able to take lots of pics of the Filling Station. We were already really tired and so we just ate and ate and ate. Haha!
Anyways, still for my Baguio entries, after trekking in Camp John Hay, we were so excited to visit Filling Station. It had a special place in our hearts because we loved our previous experience in Filling Station, so we were very excited. 🙂
There were several restaurants but we chose Shakey’s.
We ordered the Buddy Pack. Cost is P330.00. I was craving for Mojos!!!!

Afterwards, our Filling Station experience won’t be complete without dessert!!! Bought ice cream in Strawberry & Cream.
H ordered Ice Cream #7. 🙂

I ordered Ice Cream #3.

I super love my ice cream with the strawberries, strawberry syrup hidden under and the chocolate ice cream. It was all good! H also said that he liked my ice cream better. Haha! 🙂 Ice cream #7 according to H was normal. Haha! :p

Good ending to any nice experience is a sweet dessert and romantic moments with your love. 🙂 How mushy! Haha!