MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Divine Lime

On to another review. One of my unexpected favorites, the MAC Glitter Eyeliner in Divine Lime. From my previous entry, this was one of the products I got from MAC. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I thought it would look to "doll-like", but when I tried it, I instantly loved it.

So let's begin.

Before I used the glitter eyeliner, I would first use a pencil eyeliner for the base. In this case I used a MAC Technakohl. I used the greypaint shade.

Forgot to tightline. (Sorry!) :)

Now on to the fun part! Here is the glitter eyeliner to be used.
Apply the glitter eyeliner on top of graypaint. Reapply until desired amount of glitters have been transferred.

Let it dry before opening your eyes to prevent smudging.

Curl lashes (tip: warm up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer before curling, it boosts the curls and makes it stay longer) and apply Lancome High Definition Mascara in Black.

Thoughts on the product: I like it because it already gives life to the eyes. I didn't apply any eyeshadow, yet because of the sparkles of the eyeliner, my eyes already pop. :) This is a great eye makeup for going to the mall or meeting your girlfriends. :)