Island Spa (Heaven on the Fifth)

Weeks ago, (sorry I've been so busy that I wasn't able to post an entry about this earlier) I had a really bad headache one day and it was pouring outside. I wanted, needed to have a massage and a good sleep. Before heading home, I went around Makati to find a good massage place. I went to several spas but they were close (it was around lunch time, 12:30?), most of them opens 2pm onwards. I had to take myself to a mall to check other spas. I ended up going to Heaven on the 5th at Rustan's. I knew there was a sanctuary there, although I heard it was expensive. There was Island Spa. I've been to Island Spa in Jupiter several times before. I have to say I love their ginger tea (the best ever!) and the massage was not so bad either. So I headed straight inside and got myself their famous Foot and Body Massage. It was much expensive than Jupiter's. It was about P900+ (I forgot how much it was, if I'm not mistaken it's P980.) for 1.5 hours. Yes, it was expensive, but I really needed it for my head was already cracking from pain.

The staff were very very friendly. I don't know if it's because I was their first customer or they wer just that way, friendly. I got a private room, I wasn't impressede with the room. It was a small cubicle. Compared to their branch in Jupiter, their bathroom was even bigger to this "room". I wasn't able to take photos of the room, because my stupid camera phone couldn't produce enough light/flash. Haha! :)

The girl in the photo is not me. :) Got this photo from the internet. (Sorry I forgot where.)

Anyway, back to the service. My therapist was really good. Her name's Cecille. Look for her if you want a hard massage like me. :) She started with the foot massage which lasted for about an hour. I loved it. The pressure was good, I didn't have to tell her over and over again to make it harder. I told her before the session started that I wanted her to focus on my feet and my aching head. Not so on my back. Anyways, after my foot massage (it was my kind of massage, it was Thai foot massage. If you remember the Xiammen foot massage that I didn't like? : / ) we started with my back massage. She used oil to do this which I appreciate. I don't really like dry massages and massages with your clothes on. I don't like the feeling when my clothes are rubbed against my body. It hurts most of the time. Since she knew that I wanted hard massage, she also used her knees while balancing her weight to put more pressure. I loved it. It didn't hurt, just enough pressure. Lastly was my head. My head was spinning so I really really wanted her to focus on my head, and she did! She pulled my hair very gently, pressed the pressure points and made me relax more.

I also liked the fact that they let me stay and sleep for awhile. I think I slept for around 30 minutes more. I don't know if it's because it was a weekday so there were not much people, or if they really let you stay. I didn't hear any interruptions and I was able to doze off. After the massage, I felt energized and I felt a lot better.

Overall, I liked the experience. I loved the therapist. I'll probably visit her again, but would probably go to the Jupiter branch instead. Rustan's branch was really more expensive. It's about P100-140 more expensive.

Just to share with you, here are some photos of their branch in Jupiter. (These were the only pictures I found in the internet.)

I was also able to find a price list of the branch in Rustan's.

Island Spa
Jupiter Branch:
2nd Level Jupiter Place 136 Jupiter St.
Bel-Air, Makati City
899-1234 or 751-8296
Rustan's Branch:
Level 5, Heaven on the Fifth
Rustan's Makati, Glorietta