Behrouz Persian Cuisine

Eating is fun! Enjoying different cuisine by different cultures is even better. H and I love trying out new restaurants! And after a long day of chores, we knew we had to go somewhere really good and eat a hearty meal! So we went to Behrouz. We have been going to this place for years. For 1, we have a favorite meal in the menu. 2, the place is quite near from our store. 3, it’s not that pricey.

Behrouz offers Persian cuisine, meaning kebabs and shawarmas! Here are our orders.

For our drinks, I ordered Mango Shake while H ordered Avocado. Both for P50 each. I love my shake. It wasn’t annoyingly sweet, just right. And I was really craving for fruit drinks that day, for I felt quite dehydrated from all the running around and makeup. So the shakes were really refreshing. I tried the Avocado shake, it wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t and am not really a fan of Avocado; hence ordering Mango. :p But  H seemed to like it, so I’m assuming it was good.

For our main dish, our favorite meal in Behrouz… the Chelo Kebab Kobideh Rice. One order of this dish has 2 beef kebabs, 2 grilled tomatoes, butter and persian rice. This is P270/plate.

You spread the butter onto the rice and mix it. The tomatoes were grilled, really really yummy. And the beef kebab is tender. Really delicious! And it’s very filling.

We’ve also tried their shawarma, I must say I was really disappointed. I didn’t like it at all. Not much filling, not much sauce, overall, it wasn’t worth the money!

Back to the positive note shall we? The location’s really great too! It’s in Metrowalk, so after eating, you can stroll around, or party. Whatever you feel like doing. 🙂 The parking’s free too! So try it! Invite your date, your friends or your family. 🙂

Photo of the menu:



 4 out of 4 Schnauzers

Behrouz Persian Cuisine
G/F Metrowalk, Meralco Ave.,
Pasig City

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