Pepper Lunch

H and I love to eat and try new food, but we like different dishes. H loves Chinese food, while I am an Italian and Japanese craver! But there still are some restaurants that we like to dine in again and again. One of which is Pepper Lunch.

I was introduced to Pepper Lunch by fellow bloggers Phoebe and Sophie. I've seen their reviews and they got me really curious. At first H and I were both skeptical since we have already tried something similar -e---- -t--k in Trinoma. We were not satisfied and never went back. We left that restau still feeling hungry and the restau smelled like smoke! So when I told H that I wanted to try Pepper Lunch, at first he was hesitant. Then came a night when we finally went and tried it. I honestly loved the place, I like the interiors and the fact that they reserve a table for you while ordering. I wasn't able to take much photos from that first experience though.

So the second time, I did. I forgot to bring my point-and-shoot camera, so I had to use my camera phone instead. So I apologize for the blurry and low quality photos.

I ordered the Beef Curry Rice. (I had to mix it before I took this photo. My bad!)

H ordered his combo of Hamburger and Beef. The rice was served in a separate bowl.

These are served in a hot plate, and the waiter will ask you to cook the meat first (by flipping it over), then mix with the rice or other ingredients, and finally choose the sauce/condiments you want to add.

After munching a couple of spoonfuls, here are our food.

Mine Mine Mine!


The Beef Curry Rice was uber-delicious. I didn't have to put much sauce anymore, since the meal was already full of flavor. I love the peppery taste it gives. The beef was so yummy, it was very tender. I love the curry rice, it complements the sweet sauce of the meal. I had my beef doubled so the serving was great as well, it was very filling. We didn't have to buy extra appetizers or dessert anymore.

The Hamburger and Beef combo (I'm not sure if this is what it's called), it was really really filling! O ordered this before and again ordered the same meal. The hamburger was juicy!!! It was great! The beef, I think it's the same beef as mine, so of course, it was good. What I didn't like though was the beansprouts. I don't eat beansprouts, so I had to remove them one by one.

For non-meat lovers, I'm not quite sure if they'll enjoy this place. H and I even talked and said that older people who are health conscious might not like this. Since you can already see the oil once you're about to finish your meal. They might not like the fact that it's oily. As seen in the picture above. Boohoo. :(

Overall, I love this place. Though it's a little pricey for the budget conscious ones, one meal with rice and drinks cost P200-600 depending on the meat (i.e. chicken, pork, beef, wagyu, salmon). But it's definitely worth a try! And if you'll be spending on food, Pepper Lunch is worth it. Maybe once a month? It's not so bad. The staff are also friendly, the seats are comfortable, it's located in a mall, it really is a must-try!


2 our of 4 Schnauzers
Pepper Lunch
Ground Floor, Powerplant Mall,
Rockwell, Makati City
(near the grocery)