Detail Makeover Swatches and Review

It’s time for a swatching post! This time, it’s for a Filipino brand, Detail Makeover. I’ve actually been loving some of their products and I’m so grateful that I discovered them last year. 

Contour Blush and Effects 4in1 Palette
I talked about how much I love this palette on my 3rd Quarter Favorites. I like how pigmented the palette is and the color selection too.
 Make Brow Eyebrow Kit

It comes in this very handy packaging which I appreciate because you get 3 shades in 1. It’s also very compact which is perfect for traveling. There’s a small mirror inside which isn’t very useful and a flimsy brush. I would suggest for you to use a separate brush instead because this is way too slim and soft for my taste.

It comes in 2 colors and each set has 2 eyebrow shades (if you want to get that 3D effect, you can use the lighter shade for the inner part of your brows and the darker one for the arch going to the tail) and a highlighter shade for the brow bone.

Duo Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pen

Talk about a 2 in 1 product, you get an eyeliner pen and eyebrow pencil in 1 product; now that’s very handy! You can even use the eyebrow pencil as pencil eyeliner if you’re going for a more natural look.
I wasn’t able to include this in the video but here is a swatch:
Last are the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks. I first learned about Detail Makeover because of their Matte in Detail line.

D13 Katherine
D5 Loth
D6 Nash
D8 Asia
D1 Samantha
D14 Joyce
D15 Krystle
D16 Fhaye
D17 Femy
Packaging is very sleek and simple. The color that you see on the packaging is pretty much accurate which is a big help if there are no testers.
D13 Katherine, D5 Loth, D6 Nash, D8 Asia, D1 Samantha, D14 Joyce, D15 Krystle, D16 Fhaye, D17 Femy
Here are swatches on my lips:
D15 Krystle
D14 Joyce
D5 Loth
D6 Nash
D8 Asia
D17 Femy
D16 Fhaye
D13 Katherine

D1 Samantha

Overall the Matte in Detail liquid lipsticks are very pigmented and long wearing. As I’ve said a million times, I looove and long for long wearing lipsticks as I hate retouching. Now the only thing is that not all of the shades glide and apply smoothly. There are some shades that are patchy and they are uneven. Also, these matte lipsticks tend to get a little sticky at first but dry matte very quickly. There are times that they are too matte that they dry out the lips so prior application of lip balm is highly advised.

Detail Makeover products haven proven that they are here for the long run. They’ve created really good products fit for beauty enthusiasts who are ready to play and experience makeup. I have my favorites and will probably dive deeper into those in a separate post but I’m wondering what your favorites are as well. 🙂


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