Maybelline Lip Gradiation Lipsticks Review

I recently organized my makeup drawer because I’m planning to do a makeup organization video, then I realized that I haven’t posted about the Maybelline Lip Gradiation lippies yet. I’ve been using different lipsticks nowadays that it gets hard to track which ones I’ve already talked about. Yes, that’s how much new lippies I’m working on right now. Don’t worry I’ll post them all soon.
When I saw Gigi Hadid’s photo in the box that was sent to me, my eyes immediately went straight to her lips. What is this sorcery? It was so vibrant!
I was sent 3 shades, Mauve, Pink and Fuchsia. All of them are in a pen/crayon type of packaging. One side is the lipstick and the other is a sponge tip applicator. I was excited to get these shades because I felt that they were all very wearable. And I could see myself actually rocking these shades!

 This is the sponge applicator side that you can use to smudge the lip color for that gradiation effect.

Here are the swatches:
Upon application, it feels very soft, almost like velvet. It has a demi-matte finish when applied then eventually sets matte. The “rise of the matte lippies”, as I would like to call it, has taken over my lip drawer and this line is definitely one of my to-go-to on an everyday basis.
  • soft, velvety feel
  • not too drying
  • affordable at P399
  • gives you several options of wearing it.
  • not as long wearing as I hope it would be
The sponge tip applicator comes in handy when you want that KPop inspired look or gradiation effect to look young. You can ever mix different colors for a colored gradiation effect. Although I personally prefer just wearing it alone and wearing it normal.
The Maybelline Lip Gradiation lipstick sets comfortable on the lips too. As for longevity, I wish it was more long lasting, although I must admit it stays on longer than most lipsticks. However, after eating, retouch is still necessary.
Here are the shades on me:








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