Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation Review

Finally I get to post my review on Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation. I’ve had this foundation for a few months now. I purchased this from the Super Sale Bazaar. (Vlog below) But I heard about it way back. I think it’s Revlon’s version of the Naked Liquid Foundation of Urban Decay. Well I can’t make a comparison for I have never tried the latter.

SuperSale Shopping Vlog:
Revlon Nearly Naked in Vanilla
Initially I was hesitant and didn’t know which shade I should get, if I should go for Vanilla or Shell. It was hard picking out colors without actually trying them.It seemed like Shell was my shade but since I was acidic, I went with Vanilla.
The consistency is just right, it’s not too heavy not too light. And since I was never a fan of cakey foundation, it was a huge plus for me. The name is Nearly Naked and even though you would think that it feels like second skin, I personally feel like it’s not THAT light.
Coverage wise it’s perfect for me. It’s light to medium coverage. It gives such a smooth finish, almost similar to airbrush makeup. For me bcause I have dark circles, concealer is still a must. But it can still cover some blemishes and some freckles.
What I LIKE:
  • inexpensive. I got this for P600 from Chedelyn’s Cosmetics
  • awesome consistency
  • natural coverage
  • no sticky and heavy feeling
  • similar to airbrush finish
  • packaging. It doesn’t have a pump making it prone to accidents.
  • important to set it with powder for a matte finish
Here are some photos without primer, concealer and setting/finishing powder:

And here’s a photo of me (all made up) with my friends Jes and Donna:
Photo from Donna
I’m not 100% sure if this is already available in our local department stores, but if you could grab a hold of it, I highly recommend this product. I love the quality and given the price tag, I definitely give this a two thumbs up!


3 out of 3 Schnauzers

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  • You look great! Love the result. Great choices indeed! I wanna try them out too and see how it works on my skin.

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