Dentiste' Whitening Toothpaste

I’m sure everybody wants a brighter, whiter smile. As Filipinos, we are well known for our smiles. We smile even if we’re in a middle of chaos, we smile when we’re happy and we smile at everybody. We are just joyous people. So maintaining clean and good looking teeth is always a must for us.

Achieve healthier-looking teeth and fresher breath from day to night with these natural Dentiste’ toothpastes! Powered with 14 herbapeutic extracts, they’ll help you upgrade your oral and beauty regimen as they give complete teeth and gum protection in a safe and natural way.


Dentiste’ offers 2 different toothpaste to help us with our teeth brightening journey.


Dentiste’ Whitening Toothpaste


Uniquely combined with 14 natural extracts, anti-staining agents, and nano-hydroxyapatite formula, Dentiste’ Whitening Toothpaste is effective not only at removing and preventing stain disposition, but also at restoring the natural whiteness and gloss of teeth in a safe and natural way.


With regular brushing twice a day, Dentiste’ Whitening Toothpaste provides the following:

  1. Whiter teeth in 2 weeks
  2. Increases teeth protection against painful sensitivity
  3. Fights cavities, plaque, tartar, and Gingivitis
  4. Fresher breath


Dentiste’ Night Time Toothpaste


Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste inhibits the bacteria build-up on your mouth while having your beauty sleep and wake up with a fresh morning breath.


I received these two from Sample Room and boy, was I excited. I like that it’s natural.  Because this simply means that I don’t have to think of nay other bad side effects or bleeding or sensitivity. Another thing is I was surprised with the taste. It tastes minty! I was expecting it to taste a little herbal given that it’s all natural, but it actually tasted quite nice. Still, don’t expect it to taste like the usual commercial toothpastes, but it still tastes good.


Lastly, since I don’t have the money to spend for expensive teeth whitening yet, I rely on Dentiste’ two whitening toothpaste for a more confident smile!


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