First Look: Rucy's Vanity

I recently received new products from Korean cosmetic brand, Rucy’s Vanity! Here’s a video showing you a first look on the products and what to expect from the weeks to come (review and demo wise).
My apologies that the background music was too loud. Didn’t realize it was “that” loud til now (I no longer have the raw files.) ๐Ÿ™ You can try lowering down the volume to hear my audio better.
Whitening Serum for All Skin Types P210.00
I’ve been using this ever since getting it and so far so good. I have no allergic reactions to it and because it is inexpensive, I can use it almost every night as compared to the other serums that I own. It has a creamy consistency, very light. So I have no problems putting on heavier moisturizer afterwards. I’ll continue using this and update you when I see significant improvement.
Gleamy Whitening BB Cream #23 Oak P200.00
I have been reading a lot of raves about their BB Cream. Although I must admit I was a little sad that they only carry 2 shades, Oak being the darkest one. I haven’t really used this yet because I just finished roadtesting another BB Cream. Again, review next time. ๐Ÿ˜€
Whitening Color Control CC Cream #23 P320.00
I knew I had to get their CC Cream. I don’t really have much experience with CC Creams so I wanted to try Rucy’s Vanity’s version of it. It has 7 skin solutions which is amazeballs! I have used this a couple of times. It has a light finish, perfect for running errands.

Two Way Cake SPF 35 PA ++ #21 Natural Beige P250.00
To set my face makeup, I got the Two Way Cake (which is actually just a compact pressed powder). I have read good reviews on this too! I actually plan to bring this to our trip this weekend so I’ll be able to roadtest this. But so far I like the packaging and I love the soft puff!
Rucy’s Vanity Quad Eyeshadow Pink Aura P200.00

For now, the main star of the package is their eyeshadow quad as I have been loving this so much that it’s a part of my 3rd quarter favorites! As I said in the video, it’s so pigmented and creamy! It’s also very handy, great for travel makeup! The color selection is wonderful too. I’ll be reviewing this next so stay tuned for that!

If you are looking for affordable yet great Korean products, you might want to check Rucy’s Vanity. So far I’m impressed with the ones that I got and I’m pretty confident they won’t disappoint. If you have tried Rucy’s Vanity, let me know what you tried and what your experience is. ๐Ÿ™‚


Rucy’s Vanity



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