Reluxe Wellness Center

Before I dive into home stuff (because I do want to do a couple of posts related to home as that's what's new in my life, basically.), let's talk about a little bit of R&R just for a sec.

Prior to moving to our new place, I found this hidden gem in BGC. It's fairly new, they just opened last year, and they are by far one of the most affordable yet really great quality massage/spa places in Global City.

Reluxe Wellness Center is quaint and chic and is located near Burgos Circle. Their prices are quite competitive too, I must say.

Ever since I discovered them, I have been going there every chance I get.

Their full body massages start at P400. Yes P400!!! And let me tell you, their interiors, the massage quality of the therapists and the overall feel and aura of the place will leave your jaws open with disbelief.

This is what greets you as you walk in the spa. Ever since I discovered them, I have been going there every chance I get.

They have several massage oils to choose from for their Aromatherapy Massage.

I was given their signature tea. It was an interesting flavor, fruity/citrusy. I was used to having ginger tea whenever I go to spas, but this was a refreshing change.

Then I was escorted to their foot massage area or for me, the common area. This space has 3 chairs with their respective leg rests and has a wall mounted TV. If you're lucky enough to be alone, you can change the channel to whatever you want. ;)

Before getting my foot massage, I was given this cute pair of slippers that I actually got to take home. (I already have a couple of pairs at home because I've visited the spa several times already.)

Then onto my chair. As always they let you soak your feet before the massage proper. I find the chair to be a little uncomfortable. I have always prefered reclining seats, and this one is not. I just can't seem to find the most relaxing position.

I have tried their Foot Massage and their Dagdagay Foot Reflex. I prefer Dagdagay over the former. The therapist uses bamboo sticks, in different sizes, on pressure points. Think of it as reflexology and the Foot Massage is the usual kneading and stroking rather than focusing on points. It's P400 for an hour. I have always liked foot reflexology and always always find it the most relaxing. And believe me, it Dagdagay is a Total MUST! All of my stress just started melting right off the bat. I fell asleep in a snap.

Aside from Dagdagay, I also enjoy their body massage. I have only tried their Swedish Body Massage. I can't say there's anything different or special about this massage compared to other spas' swedish massage. But I do like that they include everything, even the tummy, face and head. You can opt to decline the face massage if you don't like it. Mitch, my therapist, just works wonders. Her pressure is on point. I usually prefer hard pressure on my feet and moderate on the rest of my body, and she nails it every single time.

They have a regular room, a VIP room and a couple's room. I was lucky enough to be toured and was able to take photos of the room.

This is the regular room. I always get this room because there are no additional charges. It's a small private room (unlike in other spas, when they say regular room, it meant common room). This is definitely enough for me as I prefer a quiet room and I don't really watch TV when getting a massage anyway.

This is the VIP room. It has the same amenities as the regular room except it's bigger. It also has a chair and a small side table where you can sip your tea.

Lastly, there's the couple's room. It has 2 massage beds and is the biggest room of all. It has a lounge area on one side (2 chairs, side table) and also has a wall mounted TV.

All of the rooms have a complete set of towel, robe, shorts and pillows. Let me tell you, their massage bed is one of the best I've tried. The hole for the face is perfect. They give you a pillow for your chest, so you can actually breathe (because your body is a little elevated), this is important for fuller chested women. ;) They also place a small bowl of essential oil below so you can smell the aroma of lavender.

What impresses me about Reluxe is their attention to details. Even though they're one of the most affordable ones in BGC, they still put a lot of effort on their interior, service and just the overall experience.

I can go on and on about how good the massage is at Reluxe, but try it out yourself and treat yourself to a little bit of Quality Me Time. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. :)

Reluxe Wellness Center
2G/2F Blue Sapphire Residences 2nd corner, 30th St. Crescent Park West Bonifacio Global City
(02) 880 0126
Instagram: reluxewellnesscenter

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